Sunday 18 March



Throughout the Festival month we present a selection of rare international films, mostly without UK distribution. Including three UK premieres of new films by Raoul Peck, Sylvain L'Espérance and Oleg Mavromatti. Working across documentary and fiction the films focus on marginalised voices including workers in South Korea, China and Greece and those experiencing political violence in 1970s Thailand and contemporary Lugansk, which has been under illegal occupation since the 2014 Ukrainian/Russian war. 

Raúl Ruiz: The Suspended Vocation / La Vocation suspendue

Sun 18 March, 1-3pm

Side Cinema

After the 1973 Chilean military coup Raúl Ruiz was forced into exile and relocated to Europe. The Suspended Vocation, Ruiz's ... more

Raúl Ruiz & Valeria Sarmiento: The Wandering Soap Opera / La Telenovela errante

Sun 18 March, 4-6pm

Tyneside Cinema

Following the lifting of martial law in 1990, Raúl Ruiz returned to Chile where he filmed The Wandering Soap Opera with local... more

Amber Films: Tyne Lives

Sun 18 March, 8-10pm

Side Cinema

A feature length film by Amber Films collective blending narrative and documentary, as it relates the reality of working class life on the River Tyne in 1980... more