Throughout the Festival month we present a selection of rare international films, mostly without UK distribution. Including three UK premieres of new films by Raoul Peck, Sylvain L'Espérance and Oleg Mavromatti. Working across documentary and fiction the films focus on marginalised voices including workers in South Korea, China and Greece and those experiencing political violence in 1970s Thailand and contemporary Lugansk, which has been under illegal occupation since the 2014 Ukrainian/Russian war. 

Jeamin Cha: Film Screening

Sat 3 March, 10.15-11.45am

Side Cinema

Jeamin Cha presents a screening of five short films made between 2010 and 2014. Her work takes a critical perspective on society and politics, often focusing on labour issues and urban development... more

Anton Vidokle: Immortality for All: a film trilogy on Russian Cosmism

Sat 3 March, 5.30-8pm

Tyneside Cinema

Artist Anton Vidokle probes Cosmism’s influence on the twentieth century and suggests its relevance to the present... more

Raoul Peck: The Young Karl Marx / Le Jeune Karl Marx

Sun 4 March, 5.15-8pm

Tyneside Cinema

Raoul Peck (I Am Not Your Negro) takes us to Europe on the verge of change as he chronicles the meeting in 1844 of the young Karl Marx and Friedrich... more

Anocha Suwichakornpong: By the Time it Gets Dark

Tues 6 March, 6-8pm

Tyneside Cinema

Taking the 1976 student massacre at Bangkok’s Thammasat University as its starting point, the director’s second feature intricately weaves together notions... more

Sylvain L'Espérance: Combat au bout de la nuit

Sun 11 March, 2-7pm

Side Cinema

Fighting through the Night takes us to the heart of contemporary Greece, where people are striving for a common future while resisting an oppressive economy... more

Oleg Mavromatti: Monkey, Ostrich and Grave

Thu 15 March, 7-9pm

Side Cinema

Will the life of video blogger Gorin of Lugansk change after he encounters a UFO? This is the story of Genadi Gorin, whose life floats parallel to the horrific reality... more

George Clark: Double Ghosts

Fri 16 March, 7.30-10pm

Star and Shadow Cinema

Double Ghosts is a new film work by George Clark that responds to the legacy of Chilean filmmaker Raúl Ruiz (1941-2011). In 1995, Ruiz flew to Taiwan to film Comedy of Shadows / La comedie des... more

George Clark, Aurélien Froment and Leah Millar: Panel Discussion

Sat 17 March, 12-1pm

Side Cinema

Join contemporary artists George Clark, Aurélien Froment and Leah Millar at the beginning of the cinema weekend to discuss... more

Leah Millar: New Commission

Sat 17 March, 2.30-4.30pm

Side Cinema

In this new commission, artist and experimental filmmaker Leah Millar looks at marginalised land space bordering the River Tyne, exploring themes of trace, collective memory and social history... more

Raúl Ruiz: El Realismo Socialista (Considerádo Commo Una de las Bellas Artes): Slow Retrospective 7

Sat 17 March, 6-10pm

Side Cinema

Socialist Realism (Considered as one of the Fine Arts) was improvised mainly on the factory floor... more

Raúl Ruiz: The Suspended Vocation / La Vocation suspendue

Sun 18 March, 1-3pm

Side Cinema

After the 1973 Chilean military coup Raúl Ruiz was forced into exile and relocated to Europe. The Suspended Vocation, Ruiz's ... more

Raúl Ruiz & Valeria Sarmiento: The Wandering Soap Opera / La Telenovela errante

Sun 18 March, 4-6pm

Tyneside Cinema

Following the lifting of martial law in 1990, Raúl Ruiz returned to Chile where he filmed The Wandering Soap Opera with local... more

Amber Films: Tyne Lives

Sun 18 March, 8-10pm

Side Cinema

A feature length film by Amber Films collective blending narrative and documentary, as it relates the reality of working class life on the River Tyne in 1980... more

Im Heung-soon: Factory Complex

Wed 21 March, 6-8pm

Tyneside Cinema

Artist Im Heung-soon’s documentary reveals the oppression of marginalised female workers in South Korea, from working class women... more

Wang Bing: Bitter Money

Sun 25 March, 2.30-5.45pm

Tyneside Cinema

Bitter Money follows three young people leaving their hometown to work in East China’s busiest city. With high numbers of part-time workers, few opportunities and poor living conditions... more