The final two weekends of the Festival provide space for collective reflection and discussion. The injustice of historic and contemporary blacklisting continues to be a major issue in the UK, all the more relevant as calls come for construction company Carillion to face a public inquiry. As Part Two of Meanwhile, what about Socialism? comes to an end an epilogue is required, to talk about what’s left and the next urgent steps for political curating and commissioning. 

Pallavi Paul: Artist Talk

Sat 3 March, 12.15-1.15pm


Pallavi Paul will give a gallery talk and reading around her new commission Cynthia Ke Sapne / The Dreams of Cynthia. Focusing on the gallery as a space for reading, the event will activate... more

Raqs Media Collective: A Raft in Space: A Roundtable on Provisions for Everybody

Sat 3 March, 2.30-4.30pm

Civic Centre Commitee Rooms

Raqs Media Collective’s polyglot work has invoked companions as diverse as a cosmonaut, a deep-sea diver, and a thoughtful... more

Prabhakar Pachpute: Artist Talk

Sun 4 March, 2.30-4pm

The Mining Institute

Prabhakar Pachpute will talk about his new site-specific commission at The Mining Institute in conversation with Festival Director Rebecca Shatwell and some of the contributors... more

George Clark, Aurélien Froment and Leah Millar: Panel Discussion

Sat 17 March, 12-1pm

Side Cinema

Join contemporary artists George Clark, Aurélien Froment and Leah Millar at the beginning of the cinema weekend to discuss... more

Blacklist: Panel Discussion

Sat 24 March, time and venue tbc

Side Cinema

Invited speakers will talk to the central concerns raised in artist Lucy Parker’s film installation at AV Festival and the impacts of systematic blacklisting... more

Epilogue: a public gathering

Sat 31 March, 3pm-6pm

BALTIC 39 (assembly point)

The epilogue offers a conclusion to what has happened and a glimmer of what is to come. On the last day, Festival Director, Rebecca Shatwell, will give a guided tour of the exhibition, reflecting on... more