Raqs Media Collective, Provisions for Everybody, 2018, film still. Courtesy the artist

Raqs Media Collective consider the futures, fossils and fuels that spin-off Orwell’s attempt at an answer (‘provisions for everybody in a raft sailing through space’) to the question – ‘Meanwhile, what about Socialism?’ – that he asked while writing The Road to Wigan Pier in 1936. 

Provisions for Everybody travels between abandoned coal seams in Northern England and an incomplete bridge in East Champaran, North Bihar, India – to mark two cardinal points in the compass of Orwell’s life.

Meanwhile, a few clues about the possibilities of going beyond capitalism are sought amidst the debris of the twentieth century’s labored production of certainties that equate productivity and prosperity. These axioms are read in the shadow of a two thousand year old Buddhist memorial to doubt. Traces of coal, opium, indigo, sugarcane, the turning of windmills, the curiosity of pigs and the obstinacy of a mule, annotate this twenty first century road movie as it navigates the world by reading the Buddha’s Charter of Free Enquiry across fragments from Orwell’s The Road to Wigan Pier

Commissioned by AV Festival. UK premiere 

Provisions for Everybody
Raqs Media Collective


Preview: Fri 2nd Mar, 7-10pm

3 March - 31 March 2018

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Tue – Sun 12–6pm, closed Mon

Assembly House

55 Westgate Road