Raúl Ruiz: El Realismo Socialista (Considerádo Commo Una de las Bellas Artes), 1973, film still

Socialist Realism (Considered as one of the Fine Arts) was improvised mainly on the factory floor, as Ruiz and his group invited workers to debate the politics of factory occupation and the Chilean revolution. These sequences are intercut with scenes of middle-class intellectuals to form a dialectical structure. On one side, an advertising agent for the opposition gets closer to the far left. On the other side, a worker gets closer to the far right. Considered a traitor for his past work with the enemy, the intellectual hires a bodyguard – the expelled far right worker. Meanwhile, the worker starts plotting solo terrorist actions...

Made during Salvador Allende's short-lived socialist Popular Unity government, the film was lost following the 1973 military coup in Chile. This screening will restage the film based on the only surviving elements drawn from the Royal Belgium Cinematheque.

Slow Retrospective is a project by artist Aurélien Froment, showing the works of Chilean filmmaker Raúl Ruiz in a potentially life long retrospective. Screenings follow the chronology of the films’ production and are hosted around the world in theatres, galleries and other spaces. Previous screenings include La Maleta (Cinema Liberty, Mumbai, 2015), Trailer for El Tango del Viudo (Salzburger Kunstverein, Salzburg, 2016), Tres Triste Tigre (Le Cratère, Toulouse, 2016), La Colonia Penal/Ahora te vamos a llamar hermano (Le Cratère, Toulouse, 2016) and Nadie dijo Nada (M Museum, Leuven, 2017).

Raúl Ruiz: El Realismo Socialista (Considerádo Commo Una de las Bellas Artes)
Slow Retrospective 7

£5 / £4

Sat 17 March, 6-10pm

Side Cinema

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