William Bell, View of the North (Entrance) Front of Seaton Delaval Hall. © National Trust Images/John Hammond

Bianca Baldi will present a live reading within her installation Classic Scent that brings together narratives of architectural and mythological archetypes to explore power structures and wealth inequalities.

Bianca Baldi’s work looks at images and objects as indexes of power structures. Classic Scent focuses on North East England as a model for the development of the four industrial revolutions. In Northumberland, the land and natural influences give rise to the wealth built on coal mining to drive the British Empire. The English baroque opulence of Vanbrugh’s Seaton Delaval Hall becomes an architectural marker of the resources extracted from the surrounding landscape, with the dramatic 1822 fire burning down the extravagant mansion and returning it back to the carbon it was built on.

In a cycle of still images, fire is the transformative medium joining together two different architectural archetypes – a Baroque hall burns and is resurrected into a high-rise tower block. The image surface combines two technological moments created using CGI but printed using traditional silver gelatin processes, taking us simultaneously back to the industrial moment of early photography and forward to digital code.

‘Developed through a Royal Over-Seas League Visual Arts Scholarship, in collaboration with Hospitalfield’

The elm, the oak, the deer and the City of the Wicked
Bianca Baldi

FREE no booking required

Sun 4 March, 12-1pm

Assembly House

55 Westgate Road