Monday 29 February

Sat 26 – Sun 27 March
2pm start: 24-hour aktion

This new commission by Kris Canavan occupies the Festival closing weekend and takes place over approximately 24-hours on a pedestrian footpath alongside derelict industrial territory in Jarrow.

Standing Shoulder to Shoulder, in solidarity, in defiance against the slaughter of their town by the combines of shipping and steel, 200 strode to London. The Prime Minister refused to see them. The Labour Party Conference heckled the Jarrow MP Ellen Wilkinson and offered no further support for the people of Jarrow.

In an exploration into futility, the proletariat pounds the pavement in a pathetic and onerous process, reflecting on the period that led to the procession known as the Crusade and the ever-present contemporary echoes.

Compelled by the condemnation of entire commonalities onto the slag heap, by the capitalist system that favours blind consumption over compassion, Labour isn’t Working challenges not only the commitment we have in the process of labour and its fruits, but in the crushing of communities also. 

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