Fri 11 – Sun 13 March 2016

Anabasis is a name given to wandering, circuitous homeward journeys. Travelling across three decades and between the Middle East and Asia, this weekend connects threads between three artists and protagonists through the 1970s ultra-left and the political and personal epic of the Japanese Red Army (JRA).

Films by Masao Adachi define his radical Marxist theory of fûkeiron; that the landscape around us expresses dominant political power. Decades spent underground in Lebanon led him to making work with the JRA and in support of Palestine. We are joined by Julian Ross from International Film Festival Rotterdam to discuss Adachi’s work.

Eric Baudelaire’s collaboration with Adachi covers the parallel fields of fiction, biography and the documentary form. Firstly, the thirty-year trajectory of the daughter of JRA leader May Shigenobu and Adachi is recounted in the manner of fûkeiron. In the following film Adachi writes a fictional script piecing together fragments of an uncertain past. May Shigenobu is joining us for Q&A’s following the films.

A special screening of Naeem Mohaiemen’s The United Red Army (The Young Man Was…, Part 1) is followed by a conversation between hostage negotiator A.G. Mahmud and actress Carole Wells, their first encounter since the JRA hijacked Japan Airlines 472 to Dhaka in 1977. Moderated by Michikazu Matsune, visual artist and researcher on the film. 

Special Event: Naeem Mohaiemen: United Red Army (The Young Man Was..., Part 1)

Fri 11 March, 8.30pm (70min + discussion)

Tyneside Cinema

United Red Army (The Young Man Was…, Part 1) by Naeem... more

Eric Baudelaire: The Anabasis of May and Fusako Shigenobu, Masao Adachi and 27 Years without Images

Sat 12 March, 5.45pm (66min + discussion)

Tyneside Cinema

The political and personal... more

Masao Adachi: AKA: Serial Killer

Sat 12 March, 8.45pm (86min + discussion)

Tyneside Cinema

AKA: Serial Killer defined Adachi’s radical Marxist theory of fûkeiron; that the... more

Masao Adachi: The Red Army/PFLP: Declaration of World War

Sun 13 March, 3.30pm (71min + discussion)

Tyneside Cinema

Interweaving footage of Palestine refugee camps,... more

Eric Baudelaire: The Ugly One

Sun 13 March, 5.45pm (101min + discussion)

Tyneside Cinema

Winter, Beirut. On a beach littered with cans washed up from the sea, Lili and Michel meet. Or perhaps they... more