Saturday 24 March


Our Equinox Music Weekend of special concerts continued today, starting with the premiere of a new work by Attila Csihar the baritone voice of Sunn 0))). Inspired by alchemy he performs a specially created text in Enochian, the language of Angels.

The evening continued with The Time is Out of Joint, featuring The Caretaker, Forest Swords and Pye Corner Audio, a concert embracing the concept of Hauntology at the moment time skips an hour.

Our Walks series continued today, with a daytime sound walk by Chris Watson in Teesside and a nighttime walk by Tim Brennan following the route of the world’s first railway line.

All of our Exhibitions were open today. At lunchtime we continued our new series of informal drop-in exhibition tours for everyone. Today’s tours started at 1pm in Newcastle (meeting at Hatton Gallery).

Radio Boredcast was online 24-hours today, see the daily schedule below for 24 March 2012.


Yoshi Wada: Sound Ship upon Tyne

Fri 2 March – Sat 31 March 2012

Discovery Museum

Part of the American minimalist music and Fluxus scenes in 1960-70s New York, Yoshi Wada was influenced by George... more

On Kawara: One Million Years

Thu 1 March  – Sun 29 April 2012

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

One Million Years is an epic work of conceptual art. It speaks simply and directly about a subject... more

James Benning: Milwaukee/Duisburg

Thu 1 March – Sat 31 March 2012

Platform A Gallery

James Benning is one of the most important figures in American avant-garde film. In 1971 he... more

James Benning: One Way Boogie Woogie 2012

Thu 1 March – 9 June 2012

Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art

In summer 2011, James Benning returned to his hometown of Milwaukee to make a third... more

Susan Stenger: The Structures of Everyday Life: Full Circle

Thu 1 March – Sat 31 March 2012

Newcastle Civic Centre

This sound installation unites Western harmony and Eastern philosophy to mark both... more

Jonathan Schipper: Slow Motion Car Crash

Thu 1 March – Sat 31 March 2012

16 Saville Row / Locus +

Jonathan Schipper’s work provides an alternative way of experiencing the world by slowing... more

Torsten Lauschmann

Thu 1 March – Sun 6 May 2012

Laing Art Gallery

Torsten Lauschmann’s critically acclaimed work has been described as too slow to be film, and too fast to be photography. Working across old and new... more

Cyprien Gaillard

Thu 1 March – Sun 1 July 2012

mima, Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art

In his largest UK exhibition to date, award-winning artist Cyprien Gaillard presents two major film installations. The works show... more

John Gerrard

Thu 1 March – Sun 1 July 2012

mima, Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art

The UK premiere of two recent works by John Gerrard. Cuban School (Community 5th of October) 2010 and Cuban School... more

Julien Maire

Thu 1 March – Sat 19 May 2012

Hatton Gallery

The first UK solo exhibition by this leading new media artist revisits ideas of slow motion and duration. Making his own cinematic machines using... more

Elizabeth McAlpine

Thu 1 March – Sat 31 March 2012

Reg Vardy Gallery

Elizabeth McAlpine’s work explores the two essential elements of all film: light and time. This exhibition brings together... more

Jem Finer: Slowplayer

Thu 1 March – Sat 31 March 2012

The NewBridge Project

At extreme slow speeds, the spin of a record player is reduced to a glacial crawl, the music to seismic rumbling. A beat may last a minute... more

Benedict Drew: The Persuaders

Thu 1 March – Sat 31 March 2012


A single screen video gives breathing instructions that induce a sense of calm and well being. Sculptures act as empathetic mascots... more

Attila Csihar: A Scrying: First and Second Action (NCL)

Sat 24 March 2012, 7-9pm and Sun 25 March 2012, 8-10pm

Tyne Bridge North Tower

Attila Csihar, the baritone voice of Sunn 0))) and Norwegian black metal pioneers Mayhem, created... more

Chris Watson: Teesside Sound Walk

Sat 24 March 2012, 11am–3.30pm

Seal Sands Nature Reserve

Chris Watson is one of the world’s greatest sound recordists, famed for capturing the natural... more

Bob Levene: Inertial Frame

Thu 1 March – Sat 26 May 2012

Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art

Filmed in South West Finland, Inertial Frame captures the moving sea, sky and islands of the beautiful Finnish... more

John Smith, Manon de Boer, Martin Arnold, Ben Russell

Thu 1 March – Sat 31 March 2012

CIRCA Screen

This exhibition focuses on artists whose work involves repetition, duration and the long... more

Agnes Meyer-Brandis: The Moon Goose Analogue: Lunar Migration Bird Facility

Thu 1 March – Sat 31 March 2012

Great North Museum: Hancock

Agnes Meyer-Brandis’ work weaves together history, popular... more

Mark Formanek: Standard Time

Thu 1 March – Sat 31 March 2012

50 Fawcett Street

Standard Time functions as a new civic clock. Projected in an empty shop window, this ‘digital clock’ tells the exact time of day... more

Sneha Solanki: Super-natural

Thu 1 March – Sat 31 March 2012


Super-natural connects two points in time, the historical pre-enlightenment and genetic science of today, both periods... more

Various Artists: Mirror Neurons

Thu 1 March – Sun 20 May 2012

The National Glass Centre at the University of Sunderland

This group exhibition, including work by Catherine Richards, Michael Snow, Scott Rogers, Thomson & Craighead and Simon Pope... more

Joe Winter

Thu 1 March – Sun 20 May 2012

The National Glass Centre at the University of Sunderland

Joe Winter’s series …A History of Light involves fading pigmented papers with either natural or artificial light to produce... more

Various Artists: The Time is Out of Joint

Sat 24 March 2012, 9pm-2.30am

Star and Shadow Cinema

Three live performances embrace the concept of Hauntology at the moment we skip an hour to mark the beginning of British... more

Tim Brennan: Taking Coals to Sunderland

Sat 24 March 2012, 10pm–6am

Colliery Inn

Over the past 20 years, Tim Brennan has developed a walking-based art practice he refers to as ‘the manouvre’. Following... more

Radio Boredcast: Day 24

Sat 24 March 2012, 10pm–6am

Colliery Inn

Sat 24 March 2012,12am-12am
Radio Boredcast is archived at WFMU where you can listen to all 744-hours of this online radio project that ran continuously for the Festival month. The programme schedule for this day can be viewed here

Exhibition Tour: SLOW

Sat 24 March 2012, 3pm

Various Venues

The tour was part of a series of 'slow' tours designed and led by AV Festival Volunteer Guides, to further explore the AV Festival 12 theme: As Slow As Possible... more

Marina Zurkow: Mesocosm (Northumberland UK)

Thu 1 March – Sat 31 March 2012


Mesocosm (Northumberland UK) is a 146-hour animated portrait of the Northumberland moors... more

Owl Project & Ed Carter: ~Flow

Sun 25 March - September 2012

Newcastle Quayside

~Flow is a tidemill: a floating building on the River Tyne that generates its own power using a tidal water wheel. The building houses electro acoustic musical... more

Exhibition Tours: Middlesbrough - Wed 24 March

Sun 25 March - September 2012

Various Venues

This new series of FREE drop-in exhibition tours are led by our Festival Volunteer Guides. These one-hour informal lunchtime tours of exhibitions in... more