Wednesday 28 March

Thu 15 March 2012 – Sat 31 March 2012

The Festival included six artist-led walks, taking us on different, slow journeys across time and space, with Hamish Fulton, Iain Sinclair, Tim Brennan, Chris Watson, Laura Harrington and Mike Collier.

The series included urban walks in Middlesbrough, Sunderland and Newcastle, and rural walks in Teesside and Upper Teesdale nature reserves, reflecting the industrial and natural heritage of the region.

The walks culminated in an unmissable large-scale mass participation Slowalk at Spillers Wharf on Newcastle’s Quayside with Hamish Fulton, which marked the end of the Festival.

172 people took part in Slowalk, the experience was enjoyed by the majority who felt it gave them the opportunity to take part in an innovative art event. One participant said: “There was both a feeling of being a small part of a communal experience and times when I felt very much absorbed and almost as if there on my own.”

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