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Radio Boredcast is archived at WFMU where you can listen to all 744-hours of this online radio project that ran continuously for the Festival month. WFMU is the longest-running freeform radio station in the US. Information about the programme schedule for this day is listed below. The Radio Boredcast archive can be listened to here.

SAT 31 MARCH: 12.00AM

1234 is a show all about counting in music, sound art, poetry and lunacy.

DO or DIY is a freeform sound art radio show broadcast weekly by Vicki Bennett (People Like Us) on WFMU. The philosophy behind the show is simple. That within the realms of avant-garde and experimental sound art the goalposts defining "accessible" and "inaccessible" are constantly moving. As the radar rises and dips, fragments and shards of underground creations unearth, and popular culture and artist resonate, shifting shapes accordingly with one another in reflections of changing spotlights. Each show consists of collages made of sound works from the 20th and 21st century, often layered and looped many times over, resulting in an album type effect on each show.

Owada - Start Middle End
The Prisoner - The One And Only Number 6
Animals Within Animals - Hello
M A Numminen - The World Is...
Owada - Long G
Chuck Jones - Names
Michael Ruby - First Names
YOUR DJ SPEAKS Mystic Moods Orchestra - Theme From A Summer Place
Owada - Short G
Al Hansen - Car Bibbe
Charles Amirkhanian - Church Car
bpNichol - Alphabet
Vito Acconci - Let's Be Suckers
YOUR DJ SPEAKS Mystic Moods Orchestra - Theme From A Summer Place
Chris Burden - Send Me Your Money
Owada - 1234
Charlie Lewis - Dee Dee Ramone - 1,2,3,4
Owada - 1234
Shane Killion - The Computer Code Hoedown
Richard Grossman - g g g g
Owada - X
Andy Warhol - Uh Yes
YOUR DJ SPEAKS Mystic Moods Orchestra - Theme From A Summer Place
Jack Bodganski - The Complete Internal Revenue Code
Richard Dreyfus - Reads the Apple Software Agreement
bpNichol - Eight States Of Denial For The 1980's
Jas Duke - No, No, You Can't Do That
Bruce Nauman - OK OK OK
Joseph Beuys - Ja Ja Ja Ne Ne Ne
Owada - The New Instrumental One
Chuck Jones - Isolation Studies - No Yes
YOUR DJ SPEAKS Mystic Moods Orchestra - Theme From A Summer Place
Bruce Nauman - Thank You Thank You
Les Levine - Lose

SAT 31 MARCH: 12.49AM

Poet Kenneth Goldsmith presents selections from UbuWeb, the learned and varietous online repository concerning concrete and sound poetry, experimental film, outsider art, and all things avant-garde.

SAT 31 MARCH: 1.10AM

1. Vexations [LTMCD 2389]
Sometime around 1893, Erik Satie penned a short modal bass theme with two variations - three lines of music and scarcely one hundred notes, but with the suggestion that they are to be repeated eight-hundred and forty times. The score has two enigmatic legends; one concerns the order in which the bass theme and the variations are played, while the other reads:
"Pour se jouer 840 fois de suite ce motif, il sera bon de se préparer au préalable, et dans le plus grand silence, par des immobilités sérieuses [In order to play the motif 840 times in succession, one would do well to prepare oneself in advance, and in the deepest silence, by serious immobilities."
A full run through the 840 repetitions runs about one full day (24 hours).  This selection, featuring Alan Marks in a performance from the late 1980s, include 1/21st of the whole - 40 repetitions - in just under 70 minutes.

2. The Well-Tuned Piano 81 X 25 6:17:50 - 11:18:59 PM NYC [Gramavision 79452, 1987]
For decades, La Monte Young kept his tuning system a closely guarded secret, until Kyle Gann sat down with a calculator and an adjustable synthesizer and worked it out [see "La Monte Young's The Well-Tuned Piano," Perspectives of New Music 31: 1 (Winter 1993): 134-162].  Whether or not you understand the structure of perfect fifths and pure minor sevenths, or exactly what is improvised and what is structured, just one hour of the multi-hour extension quickly suspends time.  This recording is from the 5-CD Gramavision set, with the composer at the keyboard, recorded in late October, 1981.

3. Kyema: Intermediate States [XI 103, 1991]
Elaine Radigue's Kyema, from her Trilogie de Mort for analogue Arp synthesizer. Taking its inspiration from the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the six intermediate states are: Kyene (Birth), Milam (Dream), Samten (Contemplation), Chikai (Death), Chonye (Clear Light), Sippai (Becoming)

4. A snippet of Leif Inge's Beethoven Stretch.

5. []
Two hours of a youtube video stretching the Flight of the Bumblebee to over nine-thousand percent its original length. Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov's "Flight of the Bumblebee" is excerpted from Act III of the opera Tsar Saltan, and has recently inspired musicians to perform the work too quickly (world record speed guitar playing in 2008 and 2011, by Tiago Della Vega and John Taylor, respectively; Canadian violinists in 2010 and 2011 by Oliver Lewis and the aptly named Eric Speed, respectively) but this version goes in the opposite direction, taking what others have performed in a minute as the source for a one-hundred-and-thirty minute drone.  The same poster, "hollohill" also has a file of a Rick Roll extended by almost as much.

Craig Dworkin is the author of Dure (Cuneiform, 2004), Strand (Roof, 2005), and Parse (Atelos, forthcoming). A suite of his poetry in translation was featured in Pleine Marge (no. 39). He teaches at the University of Utah, where he also edits The UbuWeb Anthology of Conceptual Writing and Eclipse.

SAT 31 MARCH: 3.04AM

Around the age of 11 or 12 I became obsessed with the comic operettas of Gilbert & Sullivan. This fascination lasted around 3 years. There were posters of W.S. Gilbert (the "S" stands for Schwenck, rather spectacularly) and Arthur Sullivan on my bedroom wall. For years the thought of returning to their works "from memory" has been at the back of my mind. My very boring contribution to Radio Boredcast is "acappella" versions of the G & S operettas "HMS Pinafore", "Iolanthe", "The Pirates of Penzance" and "The Mikado".

Some of them I know better than others. In the cases where I didn't know the melodies, I made them up or roughly talked through them. I also decided to not use different voices for characters, and to omit stage directions, so we are left with a very boring barrage of Victorian words, tuned and untuned, from my tired, monotone voice.

Ergo Phizmiz is a composer, writer, and multimedia artist. He makes pop, theatre, installations, opera, radio-art, radioplays, sound-collages and performances. He lives in Bridport, UK, and has a headache. He never wants to perform Gilbert & Sullivan again.

SAT 31 MARCH: 3.51AM

In this realization of Man Mountain Snore the snore part is realized by John Tilbury performing Morton Feldman’s For Bunita Marcus. Hosted by Eran Sachs and Alex DROOL, PRIMATE ARENA is a bi-weekly freeform happening for experimental & out muzak events (mostly in Tel Aviv), dedicated to Psych, EAI, Noise, Speech/Sonic/Concrete Poetry, Avant Rock, post millennial obscurities, pre millennial obscurities, the history of 20th century experimental music & other adventurous ventures.
Over the past three years they have created a platform - central to Tel Aviv's now vibrant, thriving scene - that has nurtured a community of adventurous local musicians including Maya Dunietz and Yoni Silver and hosted visiting internationals such as Blood Stereo, Jérôme Noetinger, Usurper, Arnaud Rivière, Ignatz Schick, Daniel Padden, Bob Ostertag and many others.

SAT 31 MARCH: 4.54AM


Le pont Mirabeau is a poem by Guillaume Apollinaire, published in his 1913 collection Alcools. In response to the theme and the structure of As Slow As Possible/Radio Boredcast, I chose to record myself reading Le pont Mirabeau at 8.30 in the morning for 31 days, anticipating and mirroring the duration of the broadcast in a different place and at a different time.

I chose this poem because of its slow flowing against its slowing into stillness – the flow of water, time and words in the stanzas against the circularity of time in the refrain. The adjective ‘slow’ appears still in the third stanza, the same one that contains ‘love’, ‘hope’, ‘violent’. The adjective ‘still’ appears slow in the refrain, as an impossibility. In the original French poem, ‘slow’ rhymes with ‘violent’ and ‘still I stay’ with ‘hours’.

The lack of punctuation throughout the poem calls not only for a flow of words, but also for different rhythms and meanings arising out of each reading. The readings always took place in my office, sometimes as dedicated recordings, sometimes while I was preparing to go out, sometimes while I was reading the paper or checking the news online. I learned the poem by heart, so sometimes the recordings mirror my small hesitations and gaps in recalling the verses. An old phonograph recording of Apollinaire reading the poem (from the Archives de Parole, Collection Phonothèque Nationale - Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris) supported some of the readings.

Daniela Cascella is a writer and curator based in London since 2009. Her research is focused on sound and on the way it seeps into other formats, most of all text. Her most recent projects explore and employ fictional tropes in writing criticism and descriptions of sound in fiction. She has recently finished writing her third book, En abÎme: a narrative across listening, reading and writing-as-landscape, as part of her research in the MFA Art Writing at Goldsmiths College that she completed in 2011.

SAT 31 MARCH: 5.00AM

Over a period of 5 days whilst in Borneo, I went out into the jungle before sunrise and set up a stereo recording system and left it running - something I never usually do. The results are really good and I have a collection of sunrise tracks in the Sukau rainforest of Sabah in Borneo over successive mornings with a range of bird and other animal sounds as well as the characteristic sounds of tropical rainforest; that is huge amounts of humidity and moisture slowly percolating down from the canopy 40m overhead.

Chris Watson is one of the world's leading recorders of wildlife and natural phenomena. In 1971 he was a founding member of the influential Sheffield-based experimental music group Cabaret Voltaire. His sound recording career began in 1981 when he joined Tyne Tees Television. Since then he has developed a particular and passionate interest in recording the wildlife sounds of animals, habitats and atmospheres from around the world. His television work includes Bill Oddie Back in the USA, Springwatch, Autumnwatch and The One Show.

SAT 31 MARCH: 7.41AM

The 'Just Sitting' practice has been part of the FWBO's system of meditation since the very beginning yet is not often discussed and not always understood. Here Subhuti gives his own inspiring and brilliantly refreshing take on the practice as a central element in his own meditative life. A must-listen piece for all those enthused by ideas of formal and 'formless' meditation.

SAT 31 MARCH: 8.20AM

Slowness is perceived and experienced as an accumulation of heaps of sound events layered upon each other like an ourobouros eating its own tail. Different ways of thinking about slowness are anchored by the cello and piano movement from Messiaen's Quartet for the End of Time (louange a l'eternite de Jesus).  As this material, which transcends notions of measured time, plays itself out it collides and melts into other ideas about slowness from the voices of children (non-adult time), the song of the humpback whale (non-human time), pygmy song (non western time), the buzzing of dragonfly wings (insect time)... an hour of your time outside 21st century western time...

Zach Layton is a guitarist, composer, curator, improviser, teacher and video artist based in Brooklyn.  His work investigates unconscious and automatic musical impulses through the practice of free improvisation and indeterminacy. Using an EEG which can interpret and read brainwave signal in realtime, he is able to sonify and visualize this stream of unconscious data. His music involves a combination of digital and analog processes, field recordings and electric guitar played in non-standard tunings. Often controlled by brainwave impulses, these sounds interact with monochromatic computer generated video produced through complex deformations of basic geometric forms.

Zach has performed and exhibited at The Kitchen, Issue Project Room, PS1/MoMa, Anthology Film Archives, Performa, Sculpture Center, Transmediale, and many other spaces. He has collaborated with Luke Dubois, Vito Acconci, Elliott Sharp, the Joshua Light Show, Jonas Mekas, Tony Conrad, Bradley Eros, Alex Waterman, Nick Hallett, Andrew Lampert, Matthew Ostrowski, Michael Evans, MV Carbon, Ryan Sawyer, Peter Gordon, Tristan Perich and many other artists, filmmakers, curators, musicians and friends. Zach is also founder of Brooklyn’s monthly experimental music series, “Darmstadt: Classics of the Avant Garde” co-curated with Nick Hallett featuring leading local and international composers and improvisers, former co-curator of the PS1 warmup music series and curator at Issue Project Room.

SAT 31 MARCH: 9.23AM


SAT 31 MARCH: 9.43AM


A chartsweep of all 848 #1 hits on Billboard's easy listening charts in reverse chronological order from 2010 to 1961. A chartsweep is a cut-up of a large (and usually chronologically organized) library of pop songs. A history professor, Hugo Keesing, made today's definitive chartsweep using all #1 hits from 1950-1991, also available with a great interview on Ubuweb. But Keesing's own chartsweep was a "dusting off" of the late '60s radio show The History of Rock N Roll. Casey Kasem's American Top 40 show often used chartsweep montages. The technique is ubiquitous among late nite TV ads for comps with titles like "Super Soul Hits of the 70s". Another apparently anonymous example of audio chartsweep covering 1970-1972 takes a less structured, more musical approach. DJ Polymorphic turned chartsweep into a karaoke nightmare with his Song Of Songs. I expand chartsweep into a general form of fast-paced collage improvisation every week on WFMU. Adult Contemporary Redux was originally made available for WFMU's 2011 fundraising marathon and was composed in late 2010.

Hugo Keesing's undertaking was Herculean - he had to purchase all of the 45s for every song and edit them down on analog tape. With decent quality streaming audio available for all top-40 songs on Grooveshark and Youtube (there were only two songs on the entire charts that are not available for download on the internet) and efficient editing software, I was able to make the longest chartsweep ever in under 200 hours. All the same, the task of making chartsweeps is mundane and beneath human dignity. So after finishing Adult Contemporary Redux, I've been working on automating the compilation process with Pure Data and creating interactive visual scores of cut-up audio libraries. We are faced with a glut of aesthetic information everyday. Constantly experiencing a multitude of automatically produced chartsweeps could be a very powerful tool for life. My thanks go out to the people at Billboard, Nielsen and Arbitron for compiling airplay and sales data - you are the Ptolemys of the pop-stars and the Atlases of consumerism. (Nat Roe)

SAT 31 MARCH: 11.59AM


SAT 31 MARCH: 12.52PM


SAT 31 MARCH: 1.55PM

Finale -

The final podcast of Codpaste - a 96 minute mix of the best of the show, which when we play it back, we're quite amazed at how much we fitted into this series in such a short space of time.

"Codpaste" was a weekly podcast series in which the two artists People Like Us and Ergo Phizmiz attempted to compose collage music from the very beginning, in a "work in progress" style, attempting to open up the creative process. The theory is that it is rare to see compositions made from the outset, and usually the audience are only invited in once the piece is finished, done and dusted. It could be that new light may be shed on the creation of art if the curtains are opened and the audience are given access to the raw, the imperfect and the wrong as well as the polished and the finished.

SAT 31 MARCH: 3.35PM

But we can.

SAT 31 MARCH: 4.06PM

A large collage. Created for Kembrew McLeod to accompany his Cutting Across Media book from 2011.

0.00 - Jim Of Seattle - Welcome To Windows
2.29 - The Tape-beatles - The American Adventure
3.49 - Akufen - Deck The House
6.51 - Ergo Phizmiz - Money Makes My Bottom Go Round
11.40 - Mark Ford - Chart Sweep
13.23 - Language Removal Services - Susan Sontag
13.50 - Christian Marclay - Maria Callas
14.49 - John Cage - excerpt from Silence
16.49 - John Cage - Credo in Us
20.21 - Noah Creshevsky - Jacob’s Ladder
23.39 - Christoph Heemann - Magnetic Tape Splicing
27.15 - Ramon Sender - Desert Ambulance
28.19 - Eno & Byrne - Qu’ran
29.16 - William Burroughs - Origin and Theory of The Tape Cut-Ups
31.56 - Len Ranie - Going Cuckoo
32.34 - Koichi Makigami - Inside Out
33.40 - Wobbly - Timesweep Placeheld
36.32 - Len Ranie - Going Cuckoo
37.57 - Flanger - Music To Begin With
38.21 - Len Ranie - Going Cuckoo
38.53 - Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock - Das Fest
39.30 - Hall & Oates - Maneater
39.40 - Nihilist Spasm Band - Going Too Far
40.02 - Nihilist Spasm Band - I Have Nothing To Say
41.12 - Mighty Mike - Life In Teen Spirit
44.37 - Soulwax - Teen Booty
47.54 - DJ Useo - Nobodies Mountain King
50.25 - SoulWhacker - Smells Like Your Muddah
51.45 - Kiki & Herb - People Die
54.20 - Unknown Artist from Unbelievable Believer, Incredible Christian Song Demos - O Nightingale
54.53 - 386DX - Smells Like Teen Spirit
56.18 - McSleazy - Billie Spirit
56.52 - Negativland - Michael Jackson
59.18 - RX - Imagine Walk On The Wild Side
62.13 - Go Home Productions - Imagine The Game
63.43 - The Evolution Control Committee - Nothing Really Matters
66.37 - The Kleptones - A Night At The Hip-Hopera
70.56 - DJ Earlybird -  The Sun Comes Easy
74.48 - Loo & Placido - Safari Love
78.57 - Julia Heyward - Mongolian Face Slap Big Coup
79.12 - The Beach Boys - God Only Knows
79.12 - Bert Kaempfert - Dancing In The Dark
81.53 - Meredith Monk - Procession
82.55 - Julia Heyward - Mongolian Face Slap Big Coup
83.16 - DJ Earlybird - Baby, Imagine Love!
87.40 - Ferrante & Teicher - Tea For Two
88.18 - The Who Boys - San Fran Chopin
91.00 - Go Home Productions - Nightbeatle
93.53 - ToToM - Wouldn’t You Be My Baby
96.29 - Apollo Zero - Numb Fuzz
98.47 - ToToM - Baby Loves Me Twice
101.16 - ToToM - Dernier Ding Ding Dong
104.07 - DJ Earlybird - You Can’t Hurry A Hard Life
106.10 - DJ Earlybird - Serge Gainsboug vs Elvis feat. Dolly Parton
109.28 - DJ Earlybird - You Can’t Hurry A Hard Life
110.19 - Ball2000 - Martha My Dear
112.44 - RIAA - Knowing When To Put Down The Guns
117.26 - Messer Chups - Schostakovich Beat
119.08 - DJ Brokenwindow - Kit Clayton vs. Roscoe P.Coltrane
121.56 - The Evolution Control Committee- By The Time I Get To Arizona
123.57 - Double Dee & Steinski - The Payoff Mix
129.07 - Erik Satin - Satinesque
131.53 - Paul Lowry - I Got Rhythm
134.08 - Nurse With Wound - You Walrus Hurt The One You Love
134.38 - Stock, Hausen & Walkmen - Aerosol
137.28 - Buchanan and Goodman - On Trial

0.00 - AE - Something For The Weekend
1.10 - Steve Macq-uillen - What The Fuck Horse’s Mouth
1.23 - Lasse’s Shit - Audio From Amateur
1.34 - Mickey Mephistopheles - Take One
2.56 - AE - Carpaccio
3.13 - Mickey Mephistopheles - Take One
4.58 - JoolsMF - Big Fuck Off Remix
7.13 - Andy Williams - Butterfly
7.13 - various Tea For Twos
8.24 - C.W.McCall - Convoy
9.16 - Maladroit - Musicbox Jungle
12.09 - Rob Swift - Salsa Scratch
16.16 - Los Samplers - La Vida Es Llena De Cables (Son Disco Duro)
19.26 - Messer Fur Frau Muller - Walking Dead
19.45 - David Shea - Screwy Squirrel
20.28 - Unknown - Twa ‘n’ Twa (The Cuckoo’s Nest)
20.28 - Hiroshi Miyagawa
21.40 - Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock - Morx Und Kotschlag
22.41 - Big City Orchestra - Because
22.47 - Blanketship - Is This Real?
24.16 - Carl Stalling - Flea Ridden Sheep Dog
24.16 - Messer Fur Frau Muller - Walking Dead
25.41 - Hiroshi Miyagawa
26.08 - David Shea - Screwy Squirrel
27.45 - Blanketship - Is This Real?
29.19 - Ian Murray - Keeping On Top Of The Top Song
32.34 - Oleg Kostrow - Ein Kleines Bettlerliedchen
33.54 - John Oswald - V&
34.51 - Dummy Run - Hot
35.17 - Yoko Ono - Greenfield Morning
39.49 - Negativland - Theme From A Big 10-8 Place
42.12 - The Beatles - Revolution 9
47.54 - Xper Xr - Unbelievable
49.28 - Erik Satin - Magnifique
52.59 - Eno & Byrne - My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts
57.01 - Anatoli Kulaar And Kaigal-Ool Khovalyg - Xöömei On Horseback
57.44 - Paul Giovanni - The Wicker Main (Main Title)
58.38 - Makagami Koichi & Anton Brühin - Electric Eel
63.00 - John Williams - Main Title (Theme From “Jaws”)
63.39 - Electro Keyboard Orchestra - The Fire Dance
64.16 - Karel Svoboda - La La Lied
64.16 - Scooter & Fozzie - Simon Smith And His Amazing Dancing Bear
65.18 - Nelson Riddle - Lolita Ya-Ya
65.43 - Nihilist Spasm Band - Going Too Far
66.05 - Blanketship - Royal Ear
66.54 - Leif Elggren & Thomas Liljenberg - 9-11 Desperation Is The Mother Of Laughter
68.12 - People Like Us - The Atlantic Conveyor
70.58 - ToToM - Tambourines Are From Barcelona
75.20 - Freelance Hairdresser - Diff’rent Stroke Of Genieus
80.18 - No Daylight (youtube) - Dr Who - What Are You Doing Here?
84.51 - Freddy McGuire, Don Joyce & Wobbly - Dark Days Bright Nights
88.39 - Osymyso - Intro-Expansion 01
90.11 - Oleg Kostrow - Next Level
90.25 - Otomo Yoshihide - Be-bop
90.54 - Yoko Ono - Fly
91.36 - Osymyso - Intro-Expansion 01
93.08 - DJ Schmolli - My Girl Is King Of The Road
95.39 - Blanketship - Blanketown
99.20 - Girls On Top - We Don’t Give A Damn About Our Friends
103.11 - Negativland - Christianity Is Stupid
106.48 - Soulwax - Push It - No Fun
109.07 - Poj Masta - Socialist Catholic Mutilation
111.45 - Pop-Chop - Comp-Elation
116.01 - Dictionaraoke - None - Take On Me
117.56 - DJ Yoda - Take On Me
118.52 - Thiaz Itch - Earth Win And Fire
124.24 - John Oswald - O’Hell
127.57 - Dave Soldier and Komar & Melamid - The Most Unwanted Song

0.00 - Negativland - No Business
2.20 - Christine Lauterberg - Erika’s Alptraum
4.47 - Cathy Fink - Yodelling Lession
5.24 - Sainkho Namtchylak - Sainkhonia
5.34 - Hallgrimur Valjalmsson - Serenade For Six German Sirens Op.43
5.42 - Alvin Curran - Maritime Rites - Wasserkorso
5.59 - MP3J - You’ve Got To Hide Your Lighthouse
8.43 - Mutation - Norwogian Weed
10.43 - Modernaires - Mission Impossible / Norwegian Wood
13.19 - Steve Reich - It’s Gonna Rain
16.49 - Metallica - Metalibabababa
17.03 - The Muppets - I’m In Love With A Big Blue Frog
17.50 - Freerange Meatraiser - Muppage!
19.55 - RIAA - Setting Sail
22.04 - Buttress O’Kneel - The Orinoco Grind
23.11 - John Oswald - Temperature
24.56 - Buttress O’Kneel - Baby Baby
25.20 - Yann Tomita and The Doopees - Love
29.41 - Osymyso - DO or DIY session
34.28 - V/VM - Lady In Red
38.25 - Yukole1 (youtube) - Fargo Yeah
39.16 - Family Guy - The Freaking FCC (DO or DIY radio friendly version)
40.37 - Anonymous Donors - Yankee Doody Dandy
41.44 - Anonymous Donors - Silent But Deadly Night
42.42 - Leroy Anderson - The Waltzing Cat
43.14 - People Like Us & Wobbly - Naked Little Girl
47.59 - DJ Lance Lockarm - Don’t You Want My Big Head
51.26 - Dsico - Can’t Cut U Up
53.30 - Toecutter - Always And Never
54.02 - Maladroit - The Quietest Hours Are The Worst
56.43 - Double Dee & Steinski - Lesson 1 - The Payback
61.54 - Gregory Brothers - Lift Up Your Hearts
63.11 - Brion Gysin - No, Poets Don’t Own Words
63.11 - Big City Orchestra - Because
64.17 - Blanketship & Qulfus - The Warm Up
65.53 - Gwilly Edmondez - The World Looks Better From Behind
66.10 - Grandmaster Flash - White Lines
68.00 - Poj Masta - Scorpio
68.31- RX - White Lines
70.42 - The Jams - All You Need Is Love
73.57 - Grandmaster Flash - Scorpio
76.00 - Freelance Hellraiser - Smells Like Booty
79.12 - G3rst - Never Gonna Give Up The Small Things
82.23 - G3rst - The Impossible Son Of Bolero
86.15 - Oleg Kostrow - Bukva F
90.27 - Spike Jones - William Tell Overture
93.42 - Coldcut - Say Kids (What Time Is It)
96.19 - DJBC - Trippertrouble
99.03 - Kid Koala - Drunk Trumpet
101.35 - Carl Stalling - Variations On The Mexican Hat Theme
103.25 - People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz - Air Hostess
110.42 - Dave Soldier and Komar & Melamid - The Most Unwanted Song
112.14 - People Like Us & Wobbly - Goodbye

SAT 31 MARCH: 10.27PM

...ha ha.

SAT 31 MARCH: 10.57PM

Written in 1985 for the University of Maryland International Piano Festival and Competition, ASLSP stands for “As SLow aS Possible”. The title also refers to the opening line in the final paragraph of Finnegan’s Wake, “Soft morning city. Lsp!”. The piece was commissioned by The Friends of the Maryland Summer Institute for the Creative and Performing Arts and dedicated to the memory of Madolyn Leonard.

Bearing in mind the utter tedium of competition judging, John Cage thought his open score would be as much a challenge for performers as it would be a change of pace for the judges. The piece consists of eight small movements, one of which is to be omitted, and one of which is to be repeated at the performer’s discretion, a format which insured the competition judges would never hear the same performance twice. John Cage’s revision of the work, Organ2: ASLSP, is currently being performed in Halberstadt, Germany over the course of 639 years. In the same epic tradition, Joseph Drew performed the original for nine hours at ARTSaha! 2006.



Radio Boredcast:
Day 31

Sat 31 March, 12am-12am
To listen click here
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12.00am: DO or DIY with People Like Us: 1234 - Part 3

12.49am: All Avant-Garde All The Time: Schwitters Happens

1.10am: Craig Dworkin: Paradoxically Quickening Effects from Time Slowing, Retarding, and Stretching

3.04am: Ergo Phizmiz Sings Gilbert and Sullivan: HMS Pinafore

3.51am: Primate Arena Presents... Man Mountain Snore: Played by John Tilbury

4.54am: Daniela Cascella: 31 Days, Slow and Still

5.00am: Chris Watson: Sukau - Part 5

7.41am: Subhuti: The Just Sitting Practice - An Introduction

8.20am: Zach Layton

9.23am: John Cage and Wim Mertens: So That Each Person Is In Charge Of Himself

9.43am: Nat Roe: Reverse Chart Sweep

11.59am: Kelly Mark: I Really Should...

12.52pm: Kenny G's Intelligent Design: Nick The Bard Sings Magical Mystery Tour

1.55pm: Codpaste with People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz: Finale

3.35pm: Radio Boredcast Presents... I Can't Get No...

4.06pm: People Like Us: Collarge

10.27pm: Radio Boredcast: They're Coming To Take Me Away

10.57pm: Analog Art Ensemble: End - ASLSP