Doug Horne

Radio Boredcast is archived at WFMU where you can listen to all 744-hours of this online radio project that ran continuously for the Festival month. WFMU is the longest-running freeform radio station in the US. Information about the programme schedule for this day is listed below. The Radio Boredcast archive can be listened to here.

FRI 23 MARCH: 12.00AM


FRI 23 MARCH: 1.59AM

For Radio Boredcast Jen has done a solo piece playing upon the ideas of slow and "late". Late is behind, behind can be slow. This is a slow music piece but within the piece there are some "late" rhythms. The perception of late is subjective, as ambient music does not have any inherent patterns to latch onto. Depending on what you focus on, sounds drift in and out of sync. The mind tries to make it "fit".

X41 (a collaboration with Jon Anastasiades), is the ambient alias of Vancouver based producer The Square Root of Evil (Jen Pearson). Using a collection of software and hardware, they draw their influences from a wide variety of sources: organic and inorganic ambiance, astronomy, oceans and internal soundscapes. Together they’ve performed numerous times, including Decibel festival, Pan Ambient and sub.ciliate art events. They have a recent release, "Shitretoko" on Toronto's Basic Sounds netlabel. The duo usually incorporates a visual component with custom projections (made by Jon under his PixelWrangler pseudonym), lasers and costumes.

FRI 23 MARCH: 3.01AM

Axel Stockburger's broadcast connects slowness to the notion of boredom, touching upon subjects such as existential boredom, conceptual art and Andy Warhol's films.

Axel Stockburger is an artist and theorist who currently lives and works in Vienna. He studied at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna with Peter Weibel and holds a PhD from the University of the Arts, London. His films and installations are shown internationally. Among other projects he has initiated the independent art television channel TIV in Vienna in 1998 and collaborated on international projects with the London based media art group D-Fuse (2000-2004). At present he works as scientific staff member at the Department for Visual Arts and Digital Media / Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

FRI 23 MARCH: 4.04AM

Dorian Jones is a retired mashup artist formerly known as Arty Fufkin. As a musician he plays jazz double bass and has written and produced several documentary film scores. When his day job as an arts manager took him to Venice Biennale in 2009, Dorian took the opportunity to visit some of Europe's great cultural institutions making the field recordings of their toilet facilities for this project.

FRI 23 MARCH: 5.22AM

This CD relates to the trilogy Flown Over by an Old King (1989), Talking to a Dead Queen (1996) and Pluralis Majestatis (1999) - in the way the missing leg relates to a three legged dog. The sound material was entirely recorded on the toilet. Reworked and adapted for the sound installation Avträde in conjunction with the group show Transformation at Karlsborg Castle, Sweden, during the summer of 2000. A certain room was chosen at the castle for this purpose and was later discovered to be the toilet for badgers in the area - a confirmation of the choice! Total respect was paid to the badgers. (Leif Elggren)

FRI 23 MARCH: 5.37AM

The Sounds of THE STORM were recorded in the high Sierras. SOMETIMES THERE'S A BETTER PLACE TO BE ... perhaps it's THE STORM or at THE SEA ... but actually getting away can get very complicated. Now, when life gets to be too much or when you just need a change of pace, take a trip into one of NATURE's MYSTIC MOODS ... (THE STORM) the mood is stormy. You're in for the weekend ... you really didn't want to do anything anyway and now there's the excuse that the sky has opened up in all its torrential glory. You burrow down deeper under the covers. The great thunder crowds out all thoughts but those of wonderment at the power and magnitude of nature's will. You submit to it - let it wash over you, figuratively, for you're warm and protected in your sleepy cocoon. You arch with every roll of thunder and, though every nerve of your body has been sensitized with the passion of the storm, you're relaxed ... knowing that nature is in complete control. Recorded & produced by Brad Miller

FRI 23 MARCH: 6.01AM

Andrea Williams is an artist, composer, and educator currently based in Oakland, CA. She enjoys using site-specific elements and perceptual cues to reveal the unseen connections between people and their environment. Listening, memory, urban ecology, and group collaboration are recurrent themes. Her compositions, soundwalks, installations, and videos have been exhibited and performed both solo and with various artists at galleries and alternative spaces, most recently at the Whitney Museum, Yerba Buena Gardens Festival, Joyce Theater Soho, Children's Creativity Museum, Fountain Miami Art Fair, and the Mamori sound artist residency in the Amazon rainforest. Andrea is the Co-Director for the sound art non-profit, 23five, a Co-Founder of the New York Society for Acoustic Ecology, and has an MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Media from Mills College.

Since 1990 Jon Leidecker has performed appropriative collage music under the psuedonym Wobbly, aiming for extended narratives spun from spontaneous yet coherent multi-sample polyphony. The Variations podcast series at Radio Web MACBA Jon Leidecker reconstructs the history of sound appropriationism by looking at examples from 20th century composition, popular art and commercial media, and the convergence of all these trends today.

FRI 23 MARCH: 6.57AM

'Luskentyre' is a 32 minute time compression of a cycle of the tide on a beach in the western isles of Scotland.

Chris Watson is one of the world's leading recorders of wildlife and natural phenomena. In 1971 he was a founding member of the influential Sheffield-based experimental music group Cabaret Voltaire. His sound recording career began in 1981 when he joined Tyne Tees Television. Since then he has developed a particular and passionate interest in recording the wildlife sounds of animals, habitats and atmospheres from around the world. His television work includes Bill Oddie Back in the USA, Springwatch, Autumnwatch and The One Show.

FRI 23 MARCH: 7.33AM

Change Your Mind by Paramananda was one of the best-selling meditation books produced by the FWBO. Paramananda's considerable experience of meditation and in social work led him to an approach to sitting practice that tried to take account of the whole person, body and 'soul'. Judging by the popularity of his teaching he seems to have hit on something vital to forming an enduring positive relationship with meditation as a way to transform your sense of self and of life.

Paramananda recorded taped audio guides to meditation for Dharmachakra in 1998, intended to complement his book.

FRI 23 MARCH: 8.00AM

Throughout the month, Radio Boredcast is making selections of themed music that fit the As Slow As Possible subject, either in an obvious or more ethereal way.  What I like about the raga is it is a series of notes arranged and rearranged in very methodical ways, reflective of the time of day, the season, and so on... very much in tune with the theme of Slowness in that it reflects time and repetition.

FRI 23 MARCH: 8.55AM


Le pont Mirabeau is a poem by Guillaume Apollinaire, published in his 1913 collection Alcools. In response to the theme and the structure of As Slow As Possible/Radio Boredcast, I chose to record myself reading Le pont Mirabeau at 8.30 in the morning for 31 days, anticipating and mirroring the duration of the broadcast in a different place and at a different time.

I chose this poem because of its slow flowing against its slowing into stillness – the flow of water, time and words in the stanzas against the circularity of time in the refrain. The adjective ‘slow’ appears still in the third stanza, the same one that contains ‘love’, ‘hope’, ‘violent’. The adjective ‘still’ appears slow in the refrain, as an impossibility. In the original French poem, ‘slow’ rhymes with ‘violent’ and ‘still I stay’ with ‘hours’.

The lack of punctuation throughout the poem calls not only for a flow of words, but also for different rhythms and meanings arising out of each reading. The readings always took place in my office, sometimes as dedicated recordings, sometimes while I was preparing to go out, sometimes while I was reading the paper or checking the news online. I learned the poem by heart, so sometimes the recordings mirror my small hesitations and gaps in recalling the verses. An old phonograph recording of Apollinaire reading the poem (from the Archives de Parole, Collection Phonothèque Nationale - Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris) supported some of the readings.

Daniela Cascella is a writer and curator based in London since 2009. Her research is focused on sound and on the way it seeps into other formats, most of all text. Her most recent projects explore and employ fictional tropes in writing criticism and descriptions of sound in fiction. She has recently finished writing her third book, En abÎme: a narrative across listening, reading and writing-as-landscape, as part of her research in the MFA Art Writing at Goldsmiths College that she completed in 2011.

FRI 23 MARCH: 9.00AM

Our furry friends (not The Muppets) take over for an hour.

FRI 23 MARCH: 10.00AM

Transmuteo is the audiovisual, multimedia project of Jonathan Dean, along with various collaborators, visual and musical. The project encompasses sound, live performance, video, visual art, gallery installation and experimental social networking. The sound of Transmuteo is inspired by new age music, especially the pioneering 1970s and 80s work of artists such as Iasos, Bearns & Dexter, Steve Halpern and Malcolm Cecil. New age beliefs - Dolphin Consciousness, The Melchizedek Method, crystal healing, Angelic Reiki - provide a conceptual basis for the project. The music utilizes samples, environmental sounds, found and prepared cassettes, effects pedals, synths and analog drone to create dense, textural, psychedelic music that revels in the shining artifice of the New Age.

For Radio Boredcast, Transmuteo has created four special one-hour broadcasts that collect meditative sounds from various musicians, along with exclusive pieces created by Transmuteo especially for the Boredcast. Along the way, you will hear guided meditations, channeled messages, interview excerpts, descriptions of advanced spiritual technologies, as well as the inspirational words of your host, one of the Atlantean Starseeds of Transmuteo. 

01 K. Leimer - Art and Science | Music For Land And Water | Palace Of Lights, 1983
02 Emerald Web - Stones of Precious Water | Aqua Regia | Stargate, 1982
03 Transmuteo - Zone Temple | Cymaglyphs | Rotifer Cassettes, 2011
04 Quiet Evenings - Manna For the New Age | Intrepid Trips | Hooker Vision, 2011
05 Pulse Emitter - Jupiter | Cosmic Images | Expansive, 2010
06 Stellar OM Source - Zones Under Influence | Trilogy Select | Olde English Spelling Bee, 2010
07 Motion Sickness of Time Travel - Ascendant | Luminaries & Synastry | Digitalis, 2011
08 Laura Allan - Waterfall | Reflections | Unity, 1980
09 Future Shuttle - Fields of Dreams | Water's Edge | Holy Mountain, 2011
10 Tim Blake - Midnight | Crystal Machine | Egg, 1977
11 Anugama - Singing Water | Environment 2: River-Bells | Nightingale, 1987

FRI 23 MARCH: 11.00AM

Andreas Bick is a composer and sound artist based in Berlin, Germany. He has worked on several films, among others the TV-series "Berlin, Berlin" which won the International Emmy Award. As a sound artist his compositions are made from sounds such like clocks, ice and fire sounds, water dripping, sand, crickets and others.

00:00 Jüdisches Museum Berlin, Germany, Holocaust Tower Room Ambience and Visitor approaching Microphone
05:22 Ear of Dionysius Syracuse, Italy. Birds in the gigantic cave
09:08 Tikal, Guatemala. Dawn at the ancient pyramids of Tikal
14:22 Cano Negro, Costa Rica. Howler Monkeys in trees on a boat ride on Cano Negro river
19:14 Namib Desert, Namibia. Wind and bird sounds from the Namib desert, mixed with other wind related sounds and a singing wire. Taken from my composition "windscapes"
23:00 Masai Mara, Kenya. Herd of elephants grazing and passing by our car.
27:36 Tanna, Vanuatu. Mount Yasur volcano erupting and breathing.
29:06 Liepnitz See Brandenburg, Germany. Frozen ice on a lake near Berlin.
31:48 Home studio Berlin, Germany. Some experiments with dripping water on singing bowls.
35:39 Venice, Italy. Vaporetti tied together at night and rocking in the surf.
40:30 Kolmanskop, Namibia. Windshaken shed in the desert.
44:06 Balcony Berlin backyard, Germany. My composition "Tagesringe" collects recordings of the ambience from a balcony in Berlin taken everyday over 3 months. Each day is introduced by a piano chord, time is compressed in a piece of 16 minutes.

FRI 23 MARCH: 12.03PM

These collaborations with Brad Garton uses brainwaves (EEGs or electroencephlograms) to control music in real time: there are no overdubs. The pieces are either "unconscious music", where one composes without being aware of creating the music , or "prosthetic music" in which you attempt to control your brainwaves (e.g., closing your eyes is a classic way to control alpha waves).

TV show (hour long) from WHYY in Philly (March 2009) featuring a version of Trio for Brainwaves and Percussion, a solo by Dave, and discussion played by Chuckie Joseph, Rich Robinson, and Adwoa.

Trio for Brainwaves and Percussion: original version at CUNY, 2008. Features Valerie Naranjo (gyil, an African mallet instrument), Barry Olsen (hand drums), Benny Koonyevsky (cajon, a musical box), each triggering brainwaves: this is all in real time with no overdubbing. Part 1: the players move their hands to play the instruments, but don't actually touch them, but the cortical brainwaves trigger the notes.
Part 2: the play their instruments at a range of tempos, and the EEG signals trigger sounds in part depending on their activity.
Part 3: the players try to sync up with Benny's beats from his brainwaves.
Part 4: the players imagine playing, and try to move their hands while sitting on them

Video of Trio for Brainwaves and Percussion at Cornell University (2009), another version String Quartet #3, "The Essential".

First movement, Fourier Transformations: brainwaves control all of the pitches in the scherzo of Schoenberg's 2nd quartet. Second movement, Breathe the air of other planets: brainwaves advance through different sections of the same piece.
Performed and thought by: Mari Kimura, Curtis Stewart, violins, Heve Bronimann, viola, Dave Eggar and Ha-Yang Kim, cello an article in the Scientist about a live performance of this piece at CUNY

Alpha wave mix "prosthetic" solo where I try to control samples from my string quartet by producing alpha waves from the back of my cortex: it's like playing the piano with boxing gloves.

Reading Stephen Colbert "unconscious" music that I'm producing by reading a page from Colbert's book and listening to what happens when I laugh.

Duo for sensory and motor cortex "prosthetic" music where I move my hands or pinch myself and read brainwaves from the side of the cortex.

FRI 23 MARCH: 12.59PM

Charles Amirkhanian traces developments in 20th Century text-sound composition, including recorded examples by such historical figures as Kurt Schwitters, Raoul Hausmann, Ernst Toch, Gertrude Stein, Mauricio Lemaitre, François Dufrene and Henri Chopin. More modern examples of American work follows. Production of this program funded by the Berkeley Civic Arts Commission. (November 14, 1976)

FRI 23 MARCH: 2.09PM

Around the age of 11 or 12 I became obsessed with the comic operettas of Gilbert & Sullivan. This fascination lasted around 3 years. There were posters of W.S. Gilbert (the "S" stands for Schwenck, rather spectacularly) and Arthur Sullivan on my bedroom wall.

For years the thought of returning to their works "from memory" has been at the back of my mind. My very boring contribution to Radio Boredcast is "acappella" versions of the G & S operettas "HMS Pinafore", "Iolanthe", "The Pirates of Penzance" and "The Mikado".

Some of them I know better than others. In the cases where I didn't know the melodies, I made them up or roughly talked through them. I also decided to not use different voices for characters, and to omit stage directions, so we are left with a very boring barrage of Victorian words, tuned and untuned, from my tired, monotone voice.

Ergo Phizmiz is a composer, writer, and multimedia artist. He makes pop, theatre, installations, opera, radio-art, radioplays, sound-collages and performances. He lives in Bridport, UK, and has a headache. He never wants to perform Gilbert & Sullivan again.

FRI 23 MARCH: 3.03PM

PRAYERS OF DESCENT (Gwilly Edmondez – voice & sampler)

‘Prayers of Descent’ seeks to perform a metamorphosis in real time from the sobriety of liturgical pronouncements to the perceived babble of ‘speaking in tongues.’ Much of Gwilly’s vocal work inhabits a space that can be characterized as a form of speaking-in-tongues while clearly owing debts to the likes of Kurt Schwitters (Ursonata); he was, however, also a pre-pubescent chorister before his voice broke, and therefore spent many hours listening to the ardently bored delivery of the English clergy while conducting liturgies. ‘Prayers of Descent,’ then, can be heard as a bridging of these two worlds.

Gwilly Edmondez has been making improvised music, composed music, collage and noise, officially, since co-founding Radioactive Sparrow in Bridgend, South Wales in 1980. Since 2004, in civilian life he has taught at the School of Arts & Cultures at Newcastle University. He currently performs and records as a solo artist and in multiple/multiplying group outfits. New work can be followed at the following locations:
A selection of older work is also featured at UbuWeb:

FRI 23 MARCH: 4.11PM

Doug Horne has been doing free-form radio and dabbling in audio art for the last 27 years at the radio stations CHRW, CKMS, and CFRU in Ontario Canada. His most curious achievement was curating the long-running and completely unknown audio-art show "Frequent Mutilations" on CKMS until it was over-run by cretin hordes in 2008. He has carried on audio art-based radio with the collaborative long-distance show "The Mannlicher Carcano Radio Hour" (his portion originating from CFRU in Guelph, Ontario). In his spare time Doug is an academic librarian who lives with his family and 8 chickens in a shack surrounded by sculptures made of rusty metal, and hopes one day to have an old car on blocks in his yard.

Language Removal Services - (randomly selected tracks)
Steve Reich - It's Gonna Rain
Steve Reich - Clapping Music
Steev Hise - Slicing up America
Bob Ostertag -  Burns Like Fire
Brian Eno - Music for Airports
John Cage - Excerpts from "Indeterminacy"
Plunderphonics - Vane
Michael Snow - Sinoms
Gordon Monahan - Speaker Swinging
John Cage - Suite for Prepared Piano
Hakim Bey and Bill Laswell - Poetic Terrorism

FRI 23 MARCH: 6.16PM

Between 1982 and 1989, Touch released a series of cassettes [as well as vinyl, and from 1987, compact discs] which are highlighted in this section. The cassette magazines, Feature Mist [Touch T1, 1982], Meridians One and Meridians Two [Touch T2 and T3, 1983], Touch Travel [Touch T4, 1984] and Ritual: Magnetic North [Touch T5, 1986]; a series in the style of what became known as "World Music" [Touch # T33 to T33.9]; and the beginnings of solo or group ventures [TO:1, TO:2, TO:4 and TO:7, and TOC:1 and TOC:2].

FRI 23 MARCH: 6.58PM

Celebrate the Spring Equinox and the changing of the clocks (at least in the UK) with People Like Us.

DO or DIY is a freeform sound art radio show broadcast weekly by Vicki Bennett (People Like Us) on WFMU. The philosophy behind the show is simple. That within the realms of avant-garde and experimental sound art the goalposts defining "accessible" and "inaccessible" are constantly moving. As the radar rises and dips, fragments and shards of underground creations unearth, and popular culture and artist resonate, shifting shapes accordingly with one another in reflections of changing spotlights. Each show consists of collages made of sound works from the 20th and 21st century, often layered and looped many times over, resulting in an album type effect on each show.

Kraftwerk - Boing Boom Tschak
The Lovin' Spoonful - Summer In The City
Donovan - Summer Day Reflection Song
Chris Owens - Reading Clock Chimes
Petra Haden - Cuckoo Clock
Terry Riley - In The Summer
Nancy Sinatra - Time
YOUR DJ SPEAKS  SDS All-Stars - Theme From A Summer Place
Yann Tomita - Time Machine
P. Miles Bryson - Neo-Revivalist-Retro-Summer-Splash
Sainkho Namtchylak - Spring
Kélétigui Diabaté - Summertime in Bamako
Tom Recchion - The Perpetual Motion Clock
YOUR DJ SPEAKS  SDS All-Stars - Theme From A Summer Place
Yann Tomita - Time And Space
Teiji Ito - Spring
Basil Kirchin - Once Upon A Time
Wendy Carlos - Summer
William Burroughs - Present Time Exercises
John Cage - IV The Seasons (Spring)
Bob Dylan - The Times They Are A-Changin'
The Free Design - Canada In Springtime
Halcali - Summer
The Delle Haensch Band - Summer Love
Vivaldi - The Four Seasons - Spring
Sound effect - Spring Cleaning
YOUR DJ SPEAKS Golden Gate Springs - The Times They Are A Changin'
Paul Giovanni - Summer Is A Coming In
Fennesz - Endless Summer
Rolling Stones - Time Is On My Side
RIAA - It's Like That Summer Samba
John Oswald - Brazilianaires Theme
People Like Us - Ipanmnmna
Astrud Gilberto - The Girl From Ipanema
Richard Hayman - The Girl From Ipanema
YOUR DJ SPEAKS  SDS All-Stars - Theme From A Summer Place
Donovan - Season Of The Witch
Incredible String Band - Witches Hat
Only A Mother - Holding Time
The United States Of America - Heresy
Judy Collins - So Early, Early In The Spring
Thunderclap Newman - Something In The Air
Tatu - How Soon Is Now
YOUR DJ SPEAKS Golden Gate Springs - The Times They Are A Changin'
Jim Henson - Tick-Tock Sick
Totally Cartoon Sound F X - Clock Repair
Matt Johnson - The River Flows East In Spring
John Oswald - Spring
Angelo Badalamenti - Moving Through Time
ELO - Mr. Blue Sky
The Edwin Hawkins Singers - Oh Happy Day
George Harrison - My Sweet Lord
ToToM - Tambourines Are From Barcelona
The International Polynesians - Tiare
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood - Summer Wine
YOUR DJ SPEAKS Percy Faith - Theme From A Summer Place
The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun

FRI 23 MARCH: 9.52PM

I have a journal where I usually write down the dreams I consider most significant, vivid or intriguing. On the night of August 22th, 2010 I had a very weird dream concerning some outlandish subjects. The next morning, I noted everything I could recall from it and closed the journal. Six months later when I read the dream entry again, it seemed even more bizarre, as if it was somebody else's dream. In order to discover what was happening in my life around that time that could make my mind produce such weirdness, I decided to make a time log of that period. I recorded every activity related to that date: computer logs, music I listened to, emails, books, conversations, and field recordings made in that month. This radio piece is the sum of that search. A radiophonic confession of a dream, or as Freud called it The Royal Road to the Unconscious. 

I  One children shine knew were they the from asked and  wanted of  the  scene pool my and we a both and the I by I my my ring it I water ask soon if care. She same pool on the my the woman bathing we. Was the suit feeling have fat we births. Movements I The her, in of margin. Later catch black. Why me I’m with had brink thought saw they police was saw had at one child. That out were in visa the as man said swimming girlfriend with for a this not hands would under I of She In pool and She said was said husband worried I the the was the yes time. Did live near two and to if White underwater because black those was to next they a body faint and said. Dream of 22th August, 2010

Carlo Patrao is a 27 year-old native of Coimbra, Portugal. He attended the University of Coimbra and has been working in radio since 2007, when he became a member of the student-run radio station Rádio Universidade de Coimbra (RUC). His education at RUC immersed him in the independent spirit of exclusively author-oriented radio programs free from the pressure of ratings, advertising, and profit-earning. Carlo began his radio career covering several areas of radiophonic activity, ranging from weekly shows featuring pop and folk music to more topical programs presenting cultural events, reviewing books and music, and promoting the work of local artists. In 2008, he created the program Zepelim with his friend Afonso Biscaia in order to explore the diverse possibilities of radiophonic space through the use of field recordings, experimental music, musique concrete, drones, archived sound and live improvisation. Episodes of Zepelim are 60-minute sound collages based on specific themes every month. The tracklists of sounds featured in each program are annotated in his blog. In addition to his work at the radio, Carlo has a degree in Psychology and works as a therapist in the field of drug addiction.

FRI 23 MARCH: 10.45PM

Of the many amazing characters featured on The Dusty Show with Clay Pigeon, The Corpulant Britisher certainly knows how to take his time.

FRI 23 MARCH: 10.56PM

My main take on the theme of slowness was pauses. In this case: pauses in speech. My collage consists of an hour long edited found podcast (I am addicted to podcasts) from which I extracted - or rather made silent - all the words, leaving only the 'erms' and 'ahhs' and breathing between three speakers. Underneath, to compliment this, I have added my own recent field recordings - usually of quiet or serene places - from Vancouver, Canada and the Netherlands - intermingled with various slow music compositions by myself - from released and unreleased past and recent projects. I think of the whole piece resembles a slow journey or perhaps a stuttering, half remembered, afternoon radio play?

Douglas Benford is a sound artist, involved in various audio genres since the 1980s, in recent years performing at institutions in the UK (Bristol's Arnolfini, London's Science Museum, Tate Modern, ICA, and Glasgow's CCA), and festivals worldwide (Mutek, Synch, Transmediale). After numerous electronica releases in his 'si-cut.db' guise, he has recently focused on acoustic improvisation and installations, using field recordings, classical instruments, vocals and children's toys. His collaborators have included Stephan Mathieu, Scanner, Philippe Petit, Marc Weiser, Jem Finer, Kaffe Mathews, Lina Lapelyte, Aleks Kolkowski, sculptor Rob Olins, pop group Saint Etienne, Momus, Rod Thomas, and Andrew Weatherall. Benford is also co-curator with Iris Garrelfs since 1996, of Sprawl audio events in London.



Radio Boredcast:
Day 23

Fri 23 March, 12am-12am
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12.00am: Radio Boredcast Presents... La Monte Young selection

1.59am: X41: RD0 BRDCST

3.01am: Axel Stockburger: Slowness-Boredom

4.04am: Dorian Jones: Toilets of Europe's Great Cultural Institutions

5.22am: Leif Elggren: Latrine (excerpt)

5.37am: Nature's Mystic Moods: The Sounds of the Storm

6.01am: Wobbly and Andrea Williams: More Nature

6.57am: Chris Watson: Luskentyre

7.33am: Paramananda: A Meditation on the Body

8.00am: Radio Boredcast Presents... Indian Raga Selection

8.55am: Daniela Cascella: 31 Days, Slow and Still

9.00am: Radio Boredcast Presents... Interspecies Music

10.00am: Transmuteo: Episode 3 - Telepathic Awakenings

11.00am: Andreas Bick: Silent Listening

12.03pm: Dave Soldier: Brainwave Music

12.59pm: Other Minds: The History of Sound Poetry

2.09pm: Ergo Phizmiz Sings Gilbert and Sullivan: Iolanthe

3.03pm: Gwilly Edmondez: Prayers of Descent

4.11pm: Doug Horne: Slowradio 2

6.16pm: Touch: Meridans One cassette - Side A

6.58pm: DO or DIY with People Like Us: Spring Equinox Show - Incredible Spring Bands

9.52pm: Zepelim: The Royal Road

10.45pm: Clay Pigeon: The Corpulant Britisher

10.56pm: Douglas Benford's Boredcast