Fri 5 March 2010 – Sun 14 March 2010

AV Festival 10 presented three national symposia with partners including Contemporary Art Society and The Arts Catalyst, twelve talks and seminars, and three workshops for artists.

Highlights included the Recycled Film Symposium, which explored the creative possibilities of digital technology and film archives. It included key artists, thinkers and archives including: Rick Prelinger, BFI, LUX, Electronic Arts Intermix, Craig Baldwin, Iain Sinclair, Paul Gerhardt, Black Audio Film Collective, and Laure Prouvost. Other special events included a keynote lecture by Gustav Metzger.

Each weekend of the Festival we presented artist talks about the relationship between art, science and energy. This included Festival artists: Felix Hess, Liliane Lijn, Owl Project and Graham Harwood. As part of the Feral Trade Café, the artist Kate Rich curated a series of cocktail hour talks in the café with Ruth Catlow, Dominic Smith, James Kennard and Avery Gordon.

Gustav Metzger Lecture

Wed 10 March 2010, 6.30pm

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

BALTIC and AV Festival 10 presented a special lecture by the influential artist and activist Gustav Metzger. In a career spanning over 60...more

Symposium: Recycled Film

Fri 12 March 2010, 9.30am

Tyneside Cinema

This national symposium brings together leading film organisations, filmmakers, artists and archivists to discuss online access to film archives and...more

Symposium: Planetary Breakdown

Wed 10 March 2010, 10am

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

This one-day symposium looks at the future. Intersections and The Arts Catalyst brought...more

Symposium: Commissioning and Collecting Variable Media

Fri 5 March 2010, 9am

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

The work of artists who use new media art, live art and other 'variable media' is increasingly being...more

Art and Energy Talks: YoHa - Coal Fired Computers

Sun 14 March 2010, 10.30am

Tyneside Cinema

YoHa (Graham Harwood and Matsuko Yokokoji) discussed their new work Coal Fired Computers, which was presented...more

Art and Energy Talks: Liliane Lijn - Future Memory

Sun 7 March 2010, 10.30am

Tyneside Cinema

Liliane Lijn is recognised as an early pioneer of science in art and is currently the artist in residence at Narec (New and Renewable...more

Art and Energy Talks: Felix Hess

Sat 6 March 2010, 10.30am

Tyneside Cinema

From BBC TV’s Tomorrow’s World and the Royal Institution Christmas Lecture, to research into the aerodynamics of boomerangs, the Dutch artist and ...more

Art and Energy Talks: Owl Project

Sat 13 March 2010, 10.30am

Tyneside Cinema

Owl Project and Amenity Space discussed their ambitious new project FLOW, the North East winner of the Artist taking the lead...more

Feral Trade Talks: Kate Rich

Sat 6 March 2010, 5pm

Tyneside Cinema

Sole trader Kate Rich has operated Feral Trade since 2003, extracting the surplus freight potential of the art world and other moving systems to run...more

Feral Trade Talks: Avery Gordon

Sat 13 March 2010, 5pm

Tyneside Cinema

Avery Gordon is a Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Santa Barbara and Visiting Faculty at the Centre for Research Architecture...more

Feral Trade Talks: James Kennard

Fri 12 March 2010, 5pm

Tyneside Cinema

Rehearsing for an imagined future that might be now, the urban hunter seeks animals for food from the edges of the city. Progressing...more

Feral Trade Talks: Ruth Catlow

Mon 8 March 2010, 5pm

Tyneside Cinema

Ruth Catlow is an artist and co-founder of Furtherfield.org, a grass roots media arts organisation and online community. She co-runs HTTP Gallery in...more

Feral Trade Talks: Dominic Smith

Thu 11 March 2010, 5pm

Tyneside Cinema

Originally devised as part of the geekosystem project The Shredder is revisited by Polytechnic as an example of open...more

Recycled Film Lab: Craig Baldwin

Tue 9 March - Sat 13 March 2010 

Star and Shadow Cinema

As part of our Recycled Film programme, filmmaker Craig Baldwin led a five-day workshop for...more


Mon 8 March – Sun 14 March 2010

Stephenson Works

Artists Jamie Allen and Will Schrimshaw developed a special seven-day event investigating vibration and sound as...more


Fri 12 March 2010, 9pm

Star and Shadow Cinema

Datarama is a democratic data-sharing event: a show-and-tell session for all people who like to make interesting things with technology. It is hosted...more

Creative Digital Media Research Practice

Tues 9 March - Wed 10 March 2010

Culture Lab

This two-day research-training event explored current design and curating practice research, and...more

Maker Faire

Sat 13 March – Sun 14 March 2010

Centre for Life

Maker Faire, the world’s premiere event for DIY technology and craft returns to the UK to draw together ScienceFest’s opening...more