Fri 5 March 2010 – Sun 14 March 2010

The curatorial theme of AV Festival 10 was energy: a universal force that connects, transforms and renews life. The Festival explored energy from scientific, technological, environmental and spiritual perspectives. New commissions included a coal-fired computer, a café importing via social networks, a film tracking the movement of the sun, and compositions based on the energy of our rivers.

The Festival included 24 exhibitions, 20 performances, 15 screenings, 14 talks, 3 symposia, 2 residencies and a café. This included working with 140 artists, on 18 new commissions and 15 UK premieres, in partnership with 31 venues.

Over ten-days there were 70,860 visits, an increase of 65% from 2008. The Festival contributed £480k of GVA to the local economy, and achieved £1.25 of economic output per pound invested. AV Festival 10 won a Silver Award at the North East Tourism Awards.

Festival Director: Rebecca Shatwell

Charlemagne Palestine: Carillon Bells

Fri 5 March 2010, 6.15-7pm

Newcastle Civic Centre Bell Tower

Legendary American musician Charlemagne Palestine performs the UK premiere of a new...more

Charlemagne Palestine: Schlingen Blängen

Sat 6 March 2010, 4-10pm

Church of St Thomas the Martyr

Immersive and powerful solo organ performance that slowly builds over six hours in the peaceful...more

Various Artists: all art is, is rhythm

Fri 5 March – Sat 22 May 2010

Hatton Gallery

As stated by the famous modern artist Kurt Schwitters in 1926, art is nothing more than rhythm. This group exhibition, curated...more

Felix Gonzalez-Torres and William McKeown: A Certain Distance, Endless Light

Fri 5 March – Sun 4 July 2010 

mima, Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art

The launch exhibition of AV Festival 10 brings together two...more

Various Artists: English Journey Revisited

Sun 14 March 2010, 8pm

The Sage Gateshead

The Festival special closing night performance was written and performed by award winning writers Iain Sinclair...more

Alan Moore and Stephen O'Malley: Simultaneous Conjugation of Four Spirits in a Room

Sat 13 March 2010, 4-4.30pm

Laing Art Gallery

For the opening of the exhibition Turner versus Martin at the...more

Kenneth Anger: In Person

Fri 12 March 2010, 7pm

Tyneside Cinema

The legendary filmmaker and writer Kenneth Anger made a special guest appearance at AV Festival 10. Anger is a pioneering force in avant-garde cinema and a prolific writer...more

Gustav Metzger Lecture

Wed 10 March 2010, 6.30pm

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

BALTIC and AV Festival 10 presented a special lecture by the influential artist and activist Gustav Metzger. In a career spanning over 60...more

YoHa: Coal Fired Computers

Fri 12 March – Sun 14 March 2010

Discovery Museum

A coal-fired boiler powers a network of computers exploring the relationships between, power, art and media. Coal Fired...more

Kate Rich: Feral Trade Cafe

Fri 5 March – Sun 14 March 2010

Tyneside Cinema

Artist Kate Rich has been operating Feral Trade import-export out of Bristol since 2003. Feral Trade deals in small quantities of...more

Various Artists: Sounds of Science

Sat 13 March 2010, 6.30pm

The Sage Gateshead

An evening of sonic experiments with unusual sound sources including: an audio-modulated Tesla coil, firework...more

Various Artists: Rivers

Sun 14 March 2010, 3pm

The Sage Gateshead

This event premieres new commissions by three international sound artists: Kaffe Matthews, Lee Patterson and Jana Winderen. Each artist visited...more

Rhodri Davies: Cut and Burn

Sat 6 March 2010, 11am-4pm

Hatton Gallery

Rhodri Davies plays the harp in new and unexpected ways, often without plucking the strings. In this performance, set within his installation Room Harp...more

artificiel: condemned_bulbes

Fri 5 March – Sun 14 March 2010

Discovery Museum

Dozens of oversized, incandescent light bulbs hang in grid formation in the blacked-out Great Hall. As electricity passes through a...more

Cluster and :zoviet*france: Big Water

Wed 10 March 2010, 7.30pm

Sunderland Aquatic Centre

Sound travels 4.5 times faster underwater, a phenomenon that was directly experienced at this event. In the spectacular...more

Liliane Lijn: Power Game

Fri 5 March 2010, 9-11pm

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

Power Game is a dynamic card game and improvised art performance, devised and performed by Liliane Lijn. Originally staged in...more

Charlemagne Palestine: Charlemagne Maximus

Sun 7 March 2010, 2-3.30pm

Cathedral Church of St Nicholas and St John the Baptist

The final performance in our Charlemagne Palestine Trilogy is his first ever composition...more

Simon Fisher Turner: Buddha Machines

Fri 5 March – Sun 14 March 2010

Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens

A new sound installation planted in the tropical splendour of...more

Will Schrimshaw: Space Against Itself

Fri 5 March – Sun 14 March 2010

Tyne Bridge North Tower

Will Schrimshaw creates a new installation that manipulates the acoustic signature of...more

Semiconductor: Heliocentric

Fri 5 March – Sat 1 May 2010

Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art

Heliocentric is a new commission looking at the sun, the source of earth’s energy and life. By tracking the sun...more

Rick Prelinger: The Lives of Energy

Sat 13 March 2010, 12pm

Tyneside Cinema

World premiere of a new feature-length montage film by Rick Prelinger, founder of the world famous...more

Mat Fleming: Glass Struggle

Fri 5 March - Sun 2 May 2010

National Glass Centre

In his new 16mm film Glass Struggle, Mat Fleming documents his attempts to master a technique in order to hand-make a series of hammer...more

Felix Gonzalez-Torres: Untitled (Strange Bird), 1993

Mon 1 March – Sun 14 March 2010

Various Locations

Felix Gonzalez-Torres billboard projects introduce poetic imagery into an urban location, sites...more

Aura Satz: Sound Seam

Fri 5 March – Sun 14 March 2010

Great North Museum

World premiere of this atmospheric film installation exploring sound inscriptions and the material quality of memory. The mesmeric...more

Jenny Holzer

Fri 5 March – Sun 16 May 2010

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

Coinciding with AV Festival 10 was a chance to see a major exhibition of Jenny Holzer’s work presented over BALTIC’s two largest...more

Zilvinas Kempinas

Fri 5 – Sun 14 March 2010

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

BALTIC presents a work by Lithuanian-born, New York-based artist Žilvinas Kempinas. His unique installations...more

The Gluts: Cafe Carbon

Fri 5 March – Sun 14 March 2010


Café Carbon is a video installation of a musical performance that considers the consumption and production of food from...more

Owl Project: Owl Project Instruments

Fri 5 March – Fri 12 March 2010

Gallery North

Owl Project creates beautiful and intriguing sculptural instruments, hand-crafted using a combination of old and new technologies...more

Bill Fontana: Wind Phase

Fri 5 March – Mon 29 March 2010

The Place

Bill Fontana is internationally known for his pioneering experiments in sound. His work explores the acoustic energy around us...more

Alec Finlay with Jack Lowe: Sky Colour Wheel

Mon 1 March – Sun 14 March 2010

Various Locations

The colour of the North East sky is revealed on the streets of Sunderland city centre...more

Polytechnic: The Shredder

Fri 5 March – Sun 14 March 2010

Tyneside Cinema

As part of the Feral Trade Café project, artist Kate Rich invited guest artists Polytechnic to present The Shredder, inviting you to...more

Work Force

Fri 5 March - Sun 2 May 2010

National Glass Centre

Work Force draws together historical representations of labour in the industry of glassmaking through films from the 1970s to present day. Glassworks...more

Mark Neville: The Jump Films

Fri 5 March – Thu 8 April 2010

Reg Vardy Gallery

The Jump Films explore the relationship between performance art and the documentation that survives the physical event. Each film documents a dramatic...more

Thorsten Fleisch: Energie!

Fri 5 March – Mon 19 April 2010

Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art

Thorsten Fleisch creates films that reveal the shapes and patterns of natural forces and phenomena. In this work he reveals...more

SDNA: Incandescent

Fri 5 March – Sun 14 March 2010

Pilgrim Pub

Incandescent is an exploration of the incandescent light bulb, from its birth 130 years ago to its impending extinction. This new...more

Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard: Silent Sound

Sun 7 March 2010, 6.30-7.30pm

Middlesbrough Town Hall

Created by visual artists Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard, Silent Sound is part classical concert and part public séance. It draws on...more

Various Artists: Nothing is New, Everything is Permitted

Sat 13 March 2010, 9pm

Star and Shadow Cinema

The title is a pun on the phrase ‘Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted’, famously quoted by William S Burroughs, who...more

Atsuhiro Ito & Kanta Horio

Tue 9 March 2010, 8.30pm

Star and Shadow Cinema

Japanese musician and visual artist Atsuhiro Ito is the original creator of the Optron, a unique musical instrument made from fluorescent lights fitted...more

Lucky Dragons

Sun 14 March 2010, 10pm

Star and Shadow Cinema

The closing party harnesses all of the human energy of the entire Festival. Lucky Dragons are Los Angeles-based artists Luke Fischbeck and Sarah Rara...more

Owl Project Live Performance

Fri 5 March 2010, 7.45pm

Gallery North

A short performance by the Owl Project with their iLogs, hand-crafted instruments using a combination of old and new technologies as part of AV Late...more

Alasdair Roberts and Band, Kiila, Shogun Kunitoki

Fri 12 March 2010, 8pm

The Sage Gateshead

An evening of alternative folk, pop and post-rock produced by No-Fi, which aims to help electronic music regress back to a...more

Prelinger Archives: A is for Atom

Thu 11 March 2010, 6.30pm

Tyneside Cinema

The US Prelinger Archives is one of the world’s largest collections of industrial, public information, educational, advertising...more

Craig Baldwin: Mock Up On Mu

Thu 11 March 2010, 9pm

Star and Shadow Cinema

This screening includes a special guest appearance by Craig Baldwin, filmmaker and founder of the Other Cinema in San Francisco. Mock Up On Mu...more

James Benning: Ten Skies

Mon 8 March 2010, 9pm

Star and Shadow Cinema

Ten Skies is one of the great works of US experimental filmmaker James Benning: ten shots of the sky, each lasting ten minutes. The experience of watching...more

Christian Marclay: Up and Out

Sat 6 March 2010, 12pm

Tyneside Cinema

Up and Out is Christian Marclay’s feature length video collage in which Michelangelo Antonioni’s 1966 masterpiece Blow Up is overlaid with the soundtrack...more

Johan Grimonprez: Double Take

Sun 7 March 2010, 12pm 

Tyneside Cinema

A hit of the 53rd London Film Festival 2009, Belgian artist and filmmaker Johan Grimonprez uses an assemblage of TV and newsreel material to muse on Alfred...more

Bruce Conner: CROSSROADS (1976)

Fri 5 March – Sun 14 March 2010

Tyneside Cinema

Depicting energy at its most dramatic and brutal, CROSSROADS (1976) is a montage of...more

Kenneth Anger Presents: Things to Come

Sat 6 March 2010, 6pm

Tyneside Cinema

In a special last-minute addition to AV Festival 10, Kenneth Anger personally introduced one of his favourite science fiction films...more

Archive Newsreel: Operation Crossroads

Fri 26 February – Fri 26 March 2010

Tyneside Cinema

The Tyneside Cinema was originally built as Newcastle’s News Theatre in 1937 and today is the finest...more

King Coal: A Century of Coal Mining on Film

Sun 14 March 2010, 12pm

Tyneside Cinema

Drawn from the BFI National Archive, King Coal offers a remarkable insight into an industry which came to define 20th...more

Symposium: Recycled Film

Fri 12 March 2010, 9.30am

Tyneside Cinema

This national symposium brings together leading film organisations, filmmakers, artists and archivists to discuss online access to film archives and...more

Symposium: Planetary Breakdown

Wed 10 March 2010, 10am

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

This one-day symposium looks at the future. Intersections and The Arts Catalyst brought...more

Symposium: Commissioning and Collecting Variable Media

Fri 5 March 2010, 9am

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

The work of artists who use new media art, live art and other 'variable media' is increasingly being...more

Art and Energy Talks: YoHa - Coal Fired Computers

Sun 14 March 2010, 10.30am

Tyneside Cinema

YoHa (Graham Harwood and Matsuko Yokokoji) discussed their new work Coal Fired Computers, which was presented...more

Art and Energy Talks: Liliane Lijn - Future Memory

Sun 7 March 2010, 10.30am

Tyneside Cinema

Liliane Lijn is recognised as an early pioneer of science in art and is currently the artist in residence at Narec (New and Renewable...more

Art and Energy Talks: Felix Hess

Sat 6 March 2010, 10.30am

Tyneside Cinema

From BBC TV’s Tomorrow’s World and the Royal Institution Christmas Lecture, to research into the aerodynamics of boomerangs, the Dutch artist and ...more

Art and Energy Talks: Owl Project

Sat 13 March 2010, 10.30am

Tyneside Cinema

Owl Project and Amenity Space discussed their ambitious new project FLOW, the North East winner of the Artist taking the lead...more

Feral Trade Talks: Kate Rich

Sat 6 March 2010, 5pm

Tyneside Cinema

Sole trader Kate Rich has operated Feral Trade since 2003, extracting the surplus freight potential of the art world and other moving systems to run...more

Feral Trade Talks: Avery Gordon

Sat 13 March 2010, 5pm

Tyneside Cinema

Avery Gordon is a Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Santa Barbara and Visiting Faculty at the Centre for Research Architecture...more

Feral Trade Talks: James Kennard

Fri 12 March 2010, 5pm

Tyneside Cinema

Rehearsing for an imagined future that might be now, the urban hunter seeks animals for food from the edges of the city. Progressing...more

Feral Trade Talks: Ruth Catlow

Mon 8 March 2010, 5pm

Tyneside Cinema

Ruth Catlow is an artist and co-founder of Furtherfield.org, a grass roots media arts organisation and online community. She co-runs HTTP Gallery in...more

Feral Trade Talks: Dominic Smith

Thu 11 March 2010, 5pm

Tyneside Cinema

Originally devised as part of the geekosystem project The Shredder is revisited by Polytechnic as an example of open...more

Recycled Film Lab: Craig Baldwin

Tue 9 March - Sat 13 March 2010 

Star and Shadow Cinema

As part of our Recycled Film programme, filmmaker Craig Baldwin led a five-day workshop for...more


Mon 8 March – Sun 14 March 2010

Stephenson Works

Artists Jamie Allen and Will Schrimshaw developed a special seven-day event investigating vibration and sound as...more


Fri 12 March 2010, 9pm

Star and Shadow Cinema

Datarama is a democratic data-sharing event: a show-and-tell session for all people who like to make interesting things with technology. It is hosted...more

Creative Digital Media Research Practice

Tues 9 March - Wed 10 March 2010

Culture Lab

This two-day research-training event explored current design and curating practice research, and...more

Maker Faire

Sat 13 March – Sun 14 March 2010

Centre for Life

Maker Faire, the world’s premiere event for DIY technology and craft returns to the UK to draw together ScienceFest’s opening...more

Festival Launch: Middlesbrough

Thu 4 March 2010, 6-8pm

mima, Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art

AV Festival 10 launched in Middlesbrough with the preview of a new exhibition by Felix Gonzalez-Torres and William McKeown...more

Late & Live: Newcastle/Gateshead

Fri 5 March 2010, 6pm-2am

Various locations across Newcastle

AV Festival 10 launched across Newcastle and Gateshead in a special evening of...more

Late & Live: Sunderland

Tue 9 March 2010, 5.30-8.30pm

Various locations across Sunderland

AV Festival 10 launched across Sunderland in a special evening of exhibition previews and performances...more

The Astro-Botanical Garden

Fri 5 March 2010, 9pm

Star and Shadow Cinema

To celebrate the launch of our Festival Late Night Hub, Star and Shadow’s courageous collective of artists, musicians and filmmakers step back in time...more

Road to Rimini Special

Sat 6 March 2010, 10pm

Star and Shadow Cinema

Rimini’s legendary parties have brought acts like Legowelt, The Hacker and Heartbreak to Newcastle. In an attempt to harness more energy than the boffins...more

Double Bill: Nervous Energy

Sun 7 March 2010, 7pm

Star and Shadow Cinema

This double bill features two classic global disaster films from the 1960s and 1970s. First up is The Day the Earth Caught Fire (1961) a journalist...more

Power Down

Wed 10 March 2010, 9pm

Star and Shadow Cinema

Tripping the switch at Star and Shadow, this is an evening devoted to finding ways of living and entertaining that do not rely on electricity. With only...more

Liliane Lijn Residency

September 2009 – March 2010

Narec, Northumberland

Liliane Lijn was resident artist at Narec (New and Renewable Energy Centre) with Inspire Northumberland. A pioneer of science in art...more

Iain Sinclair Residency

October 2009 – March 2010

Northern Region Film and Television Archive, Middlesbrough

NRFTA (Northern Region Film and Television Archive) was founded in 1998 to collect, preserve...more