Thu 28 February 2008 – Sat 8 March 2008

AV Festival 08 commissioned 14 new works by artists including: Chris Watson, :zoviet*france:, Matt Wand, Atau Tanaka, Marko Peljhan, Yuko Mohri, Marcus Coates, Zoe Irvine, People Like Us, Joanna Read, Jose Luis de Vincente, Irma Vila & Bestario, Knut Aufermann, Sarah Washington, DinahBird, Jean-Philippe Renoult and Resonance FM.

All the new commissions illuminated aspects of broadcasting. Three of the commissions were special Festival FM radio stations, programming sound art, radio art and experimental music, including a live new adaptation of Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds. The airwaves were also explored in our opening and closing events. Variations VII focused on John Cage’s philosophy of the radio spectrum as a part of the physical environment, and Scatter! mapped the radio sky in real time.

Other commissions made broadcast technology visible in new ways. Atlas of Electromagnetic Space was a data visualisation of the electromagnetic spectrum, and Yuko Mohri explored the media history of television.

Variations VII: Atau Tanaka, Matt Wand, :zoviet*france:

Thu 29 February 2008, 8pm

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

American composer John Cage (1912-92) was a celebrated pioneer of electronic and chance... more

Chris Watson: Whispering in the Leaves

Fri 29 February – Sun 9 March 2008

Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens

AV Festival 08 commissioned this major new work by renowned...more

Various Artists: Broadcast Yourself

Fri 29 February – Sat 5 April 2008

Hatton Gallery

Co-curated by Sarah Cook and Kathy Rae Huffman, Broadcast Yourself  is an international group...more

Resonance FM

Wed 28 February – Sat 8 March 2008 

mima, Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art

AV Festival 08 commissioned the UK’s only radio art station, Resonance FM, to broadcast...more

AV Festival on NE1FM

Wed 28 February – Sat 8 March 2008 

Discovery Museum

AV Festival 08 commissioned international radio artist Knut Aufermann to work with Newcastle community radio station...more

Marko Peljhan: SCATTER!

Sat 8 March 2008, 6-9pm

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

The closing event of AV Festival 08 took place across two floors of BALTIC. Marko Peljhan, the celebrated Slovenian...more

Soundscape FM

Wed 28 February – Sat 8 March 2008 

Sunderland University Media Centre

AV Festival 08 commissioned a special FM radio station in Sunderland, in collaboration...more

Yuko Mohri: Bairdcast: A History of Machine Translation

Wed 28 February – Sun 9 May 2008 

Discovery Museum

AV Festival 08 and the Sunderland Digital Research Lab commissioned emerging Japanese media...more

Marcus Coates, Zoe Irvine & People Like Us: Now Hear This

Thu 28 February – Sat 8 March 2008

Various Sites across Middlesbrough Town Centre

Now Hear This was a series of audio works presented in various...more

Jose Luis de Vincente, Irma Vila & Bestario: Atlas of Electromagnetic Space

Thu 29 February – Sat 8 March 2008

Institute of Digital Innovation

In this data visualisation work the unseen landscape...more

Waygood's Amateur Radio Rally

Fri 29 February & Sat 1 March 2008

Grainger Market

Before the internet, there were people who chatted to each other on the radio. These amateur radio 'hams’ formed a...more

Joanna Read: War of the Worlds

Wed 5 March 2008, 8pm

Middlesbrough Town Hall

Seventy years ago, the power of radio was demonstrated in the most unexpected way. An adaptation of HG Wells’ 1898 novel, The War of the Worlds...more