Triple Echo Productions, The Adventure Show

This two-hour workshop, held twice in two cities in one day, showed you how to make TV. You could choose from the morning session in Middlesbrough, or the afternoon workshop in Gateshead. Both sessions went behind the scenes of the highly successful BBC Scotland television series The Adventure Show. The programme has broken new ground for sports programming, with its mixture of adrenaline action and lifestyle features. Key members of the team, Professor Richard Else, Matt Dennis and Warren Harrison, all working industry professionals and lecturers at Teesside University demonstrated how a monthly prime time television series is made. It was designed for A Level, FE and HE students, but was open to all. A great chance for budding presenters, camera and sound operators to work with some of the best people in the broadcasting industry.

The second session was held from 2-4pm at the Tyneside Cinema at Old Town Hall in Gateshead.

Workshop: Anatomy of a Television Programme


Thu 6 March 2008, 10am-12pm

Centuria Building

Teesside University
Victoria Road
Middlesbrough TS1 3BA