Helvecio Ratton, Radio Favela, 2002

This double-bill screening explored community radio in other countries, and was introduced by a representative from NE1fm, who talked about community radio and its political implications. Scattered Frequencies is a documentary that looks at the problems surrounding radio making and free speech in Nepal. Radio exists as the only widely accessible medium in Nepal, and with the recent issuing of licenses for independent radio stations groups of radio-makers have been pooling their resources towards creating a functioning media network. Radio Favela is an uplifting story of friends who set up a community radio station in the Brazilian favela where they live. Through the expression of their reality and music over the radio, the friends amass a following of listeners, and run into conflict with the authorities.

Dir. Micz Flor and Philip Scheffner, Scattered Frequencies, 2002, 31mins.
Dir. Helvécio Ratton, Radio Favela (Uma Onda No Ar), 2002, 92 mins.

Scattered Frequencies and Radio Favela


Tue 4 March 2008, 7.30pm

Star and Shadow Cinema

Stepney Bank
Newcastle NE1 2NP

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