Joyce Hinterding Portrait with Aeriology, 2008. Photo: Louise Hepworth. Courtesy of AV Festival 08

Gallery walk through and talk about Joyce Hinterding’s Aeriology exhibition by Reg Vardy curator, Rob Blackson.

Joyce Hinterding is an Australian artist who is fascinated by energy and sound, things we can’t see but which pervade our lives. These invisible things she strives to make visible. One of her best-known works, Aeriology, explores these forces that inhabit the air. Recreated in Sunderland, it involved wrapping the Reg Vardy Gallery in over 20 kilometres of copper wire, turning it into a beautiful, walk-in radio antenna that listens to what is going on in the atmosphere outside. The gallery, essentially, becomes an energy gatherer, enabling us to hear what would normally escape us.

Joyce Hinterding was born in Melbourne Australia and has been working with sound for over twenty years. Much of her art is based in an understanding of the physicality of sound as it relates to the body and our architectural surroundings. Her work has recently been shown in a range of international venues including Perth Institute of Contemporary Art; Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei; 26th Bienal de Sao Paulo and The Dutch Institute for Time based Art.

Curated and produced by AV Festival 08 in partnership with Reg Vardy Gallery. Sponsored by Ormiston Wire Ltd.

Artist Talk: Joyce Hinterding


Sat 8 March 2008, 10am-12.30pm

Reg Vardy Gallery

University of Sunderland
Ashburne House
Ryhope Road
Sunderland SR2 7EF