Thu 2 March 2006 – Sun 12 March 2006

AV Festival 06 presented a two-day symposium, ten talks and seminars, and six courses and workshops.

Highlights included the Festival symposium Sustaining Life, Designing Life, which explored life from a social, scientific, technological, artistic and ethical perspective, with speakers including: Gina Czarnecki, Kate Rich, Heath Bunting, Lynette Wallworth, John Thackera, Dr Sally Jane Norman and Dr Tom Shakespeare.

Other special events included panel discussions with artists and scientists for the UK premieres of the films Marching Plague and What I Know About Stem Cells. A variety of seminars explored issues of creativity in digital media, and local artists participated in tissue engineering workshops. Festival artists including Anthony McCall, Ryoji Ikeda, Carsten Nicolai and Kenneth Rinaldo all gave public talks about their work.

Critical Art Ensemble: Marching Plague

Sat 4 March 2006, 6.45pm

Tyneside Cinema

The film Marching Plague is Critical Art Ensemble’s newest work and a powerful critique of UK-US bio-weapons research...more

Richard Fenwick: What I Know About Stem Cells

Sat 4 March 2006, 5pm

Tyneside Cinema

AV Festival 06 presented the world premiere of a newly commissioned film by Richard Fenwick. What I Know About Stem Cells...more

Symposium: Sustaining Life, Designing Life

Fri 10 March – Sat 11 March 2006, 10am–6.30pm

University of Teesside

Sustaining Life, Designing Life was a major two-day international symposium, organised by...more

Artist Talk: Ryoji Ikeda & Carsten Nicolai

Sat 4 March 2006, 11.30am

Tyneside Cinema

A rare chance to hear two highly influential electronic composers and artists discuss their work. Internationally renowned for...more

Artist Talk: Anthony McCall

Wed 8 March 2006, 4pm

Reg Vardy Gallery

In this talk Anthony McCall introduced the themes and concepts that drive his work, concentrating on his new work co-commissioned by AV Festival 06...more

Artist Talk: Sunderland Exhibitions

Wed 8 March 2006, 6–8pm

Starting at Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art

This tour across all of the AV Festival 06 commissions in Sunderland provided an introduction to...more

Artist Talk: Sound Art

Mon 6 March 2006, 10am–3pm

Tyneside Cinema

ISIS Arts and AV Festival 06 presented informal talks by three sound artists, who discussed their work, techniques and inspiration: Zoë Irvine...more

Cafe Scientifique: Steve Grand

Mon 6 March 2006, 7pm

World Headquarters

Café Scientifique is a regular event hosted by the Policy, Ethics and Life Sciences Research Institute in Newcastle. To celebrate AV Festival 06, Café...more

Seminar: Creativity Summit

Wed 8 March 2006, 2-5pm

Centre for Life

Codeworks Connect held its annual Creativity Summit, as part of AV Festival 06. The summit explored the issues of creativity in digital media...more

Seminar: GameHorizon

Thu 9 March 2006, 3–6pm


GameHorizon, the collaborative network for North East games companies, hosted a forum to explore the link between real life and games. With the advent...more

Seminar: Frankenstein Created Bimbo

Sat 4 March 2006, 1pm

Tyneside Cinema

This seminar was led by Dr Gail Nina Anderson and looked at the way film has depicted the female body, via scientific and medical...more

Workshop: Sound Art Lab

Mon 6 March – Thu 9 March 2006


ISIS Arts and AV Festival 06 presented a four-day intensive audio workshop for artists based in North East England, to develop...more

Workshop: Tissue Engineering

Tue 7 - Wed 8 March 2006

University of Teesside

This two-day intensive workshop, led by Oron Catts & Dr. Stuart Hodgetts (Symbiotica Lab, Australia) introduced participants to basic principals of...more

Workshop: Build Your Own Computer Game

Mon 6 March 2006, 10am

Middlesbrough City Learning Centre

This intensive five-day workshop for adults offered comprehensive coverage of both the creative...more

Workshop: Shadow Play

Sat 4 March 2006

The Sage Gateshead

Shadow Play is a fantastic creative adventure in a magical audio-visual environment for under-7s. Participants made their own shadow creature...more

Schools: Making the Most of Open Source Software

Wed 8 March 2006, 6–8pm

Middlesbrough City Learning Centre

‘Open Source’ software provides free equivalents of expensive licensed software, such as Photoshop...more

Schools: Let me tell you a story

Mon 6 March 2006, 1pm–3pm

The Sage Gateshead

How can technology and digital tools be best used to support creative play and learning in Early Years settings? Are desktop computers an appropriate...more