Woody Allen, Sleeper, 1973.

Woody Allen stars as Miles Monroe, a health-food store owner and clarinet player who walks into a hospital for minor treatment, falls into a coma, is frozen in suspended animation and wakes up 200 years later, in the year 2173. But the future is bleak in a world where the populace is kept in check by an ever-watchful government that feeds them mind-affecting drugs and cheap entertainment; where constant stimulation, bad poetry and a complete absence of risk keep people from ever actually experiencing what it is to live. Allen poses as a domestic robot, and in an oddball mix of slapstick madness and futuristic paranoia, encounters cops, giant computers, robots and strange body parts. 

USA, 1972, Cert PG, 89mins

Dir. Woody Allen


Sat 11 March 2006, 6pm

Tyneside Cinema

10 Pilgrim Street
Newcastle NE1 6QG