Martin Richman, Illucination, 2006. Photo: Colin Davison

Kate Owens, The Gates of Ades, 2006. Photo: Colin Davison

Katy Dove, Kaleidoscopic Animations, 2006. Photo: Colin Davison

The Illustrious Company Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle, 2006. Photo: Colin Davison

Trip the Light Fantastic explores the theme of light. The ubiquitous yet elusive qualities of light have been a constant fascination to artists. From the dramatic chiaroscuros of early baroque painting to the Impressionists’ obsessive documentation of natural light patterns; to Minimalist neon sculptures, projected lightworks and the experimental Light Shows of the 1960s that accompanied psychedelic gigs and club events. This new exhibition brought together a group of five British artists and designers who, working with glass, light, sound, mixed media and animation, continue this legacy in their contemporary practice. Including artists: Kate Owens, Katy Dove, Martin Richman and The Illustrious Company.

Curated by the National Glass Centre and Emma Underhill, UP Projects.

Various Artists: Trip the Light Fantastic


Preview: Tue 7 March 2006, 8pm

Wed 8 March – Sun 30 April 2006

National Glass Centre

Liberty Way
Sunderland SR6 0GL 

Opening Times
10am-5pm daily 

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