James Hutchinson, Planesong, 2006. Courtesy of the artist.

James Hutchinson, Planesong, 2006. Courtesy of the artist.

Planesong is an installation by Newcastle-based artist James Hutchinson. It presents the audience with an immersive space consisting of multiple projection screens that show abstract graphic ‘planes’ created using processing software. The title refers to the structured nature of the medieval music, ‘plainsong’. Viewers will see animated constructions of architectural planes, which are controlled by algorithms. Separate animations ‘exist’ until the architecture reconfigures itself. The architectural planes are self-generating while a viewer controls their navigation through the space using the hardware of the console game — a game-pad controller. Planesong suggests the construction and deconstruction of the basic building blocks of life, both digital and biological — it questions life, power, control and technology. The hardware and programming in Planesong is by Spencer Roberts.

James Hutchinson's practice has expanded to embrace a wide variety of media. His use of digital technology and its various applications to fine art has been exhibited in Unit 24, London; Berlin Liste; Cite Museum, Paris; BuildMuseet, Sweden and The Museum of Craft and Folk Art, San Francisco.

Produced by AV Festival 06

James Hutchinson: Planesong


Preview: Fri 10 March 2006, 7.30pm

Fri 10 March – Sun 12 March 2006 

Gallery TS1

57 Corporation Road