David Cronenberg, eXistenZ, 1999.

Allegra Geller (Jennifer Jason Leigh) is the world’s leading games designer. Her new virtual reality game ‘eXistenZ’ links players to the game by a console that resembles a lump of living animal tissue, which is connected to the player’s nervous system through a ‘bio-port’ at the base of the spine. Fleeing violent anti-eXistenZ protestors, Allegra and her bodyguard Ted (Jude Law) retreat inside the game, where reality and real life are impossible to separate. Introduced by film historian and writer Dr. Gail Nina Anderson.

Canada/UK/France, 1999, Cert 18, 97mins

Dir. David Cronenberg


Tue 7 March 2006, 7.30pm

Kino Middlesbrough

Europa House, University of Teesside
Woodlands Road
Middlesbrough TS1 3BA