Byung-chun Min, Natural City, 2003.

Billing itself as an unofficial sequel to Blade Runner, Natural City picks up on the story set out in the original and takes it in a familiar direction. In a distant future, R, a police officer whose job is to eliminate defective cyborgs, meets Ria, a young dancer who he falls in love with. The problem is that Ria is a cyborg only days away from the end of her lifespan. Rebelling against the rules of society, R does everything to save her. Natural City presents an impressive, futuristic world.

South Korea, 2003, Cert 15, 114mins

Natural City
Dir. Byung-chun Min


Fri 10 March 2006, 10.30pm

Tyneside Cinema

10 Pilgrim Street
Newcastle NE1 6QG