Andy Gracie and Brian Lee Yung Rowe, autoinducer PH-1 , 2006. Photo: Gailen Manuel. Courtesy of AV Festival 06

autoinducer PH-1 is an eco-system made up of three pool systems mediated and manipulated by a brand new artificial intelligence programme. The first pool houses azolla water ferns, another has an artificial indoor rice paddy, and the third has culture chambers of blue-green algae - bacteria on the cusp between plant and animal that helps azolla thrive. The three different aquatic environments are all connected, relating and interacting with each other.

autoinducer PH-1 makes a simple natural process rich and complex. Life unfolds in front of the audience, making us think about mechanical and artificial manipulation of biological processes. As Andy Gracie says: “We are interfering with the natural symbiosis by creating a triangular one using artificial intelligence…When you start to manipulate the natural environment you are opening a Pandora’s box and it needs to be addressed.”

British artist Andy Gracie works at the intersection of the technological and the biological. He has been producing installation-based work for a number of years and has exhibited internationally in shows such as, Radar, Centro Historico, Mexico City, 2004; Artbots03, Eyebeam, New York, 2003 and Inbetween Time, Arnolfini, Bristol, 2003.

Commissioned by AV Festival 06. Supported by Arts Council England. World Premiere.

Andy Gracie & Brian Lee Yung Rowe: autoinducer PH-1


Preview: Tue 7 March 2006, 6–7pm

Wed 8 March – Sun 16 April 2006

Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art

City Library & Arts Centre
Fawcett Street
Sunderland SR1 1RE

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