Sat 8 November 2003 – Sat 22 November 2003

AV Festival 03 included a mini retrospective of the work of filmmaker Mike Figgis, patron of the Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle. The programme focused on his influence on digital film and included the UK premiere of his latest feature Cold Creek Manor and a large-scale presentation of Timecode Live at the abandoned Odeon (Paramount) Cinema.

The programme included the films: On Liberty (1994), Just Dancing Around (1995), Flamenco Women (1997), Miss Julie (2000), Timecode (2000), Hotel (2001), and Cold Creek Manor (2003).

Mike Figgis: Timecode Live

Sat 22 November 2003, 8pm

Former Odeon Cinema Site

This hugely inventive and enjoyable story of Hollywood folk making a movie is shot simultaneously on four digital cameras, and plays across four split...more

Mike Figgis: Cold Creek Manor

Fri 21 November 2003, 8pm

Tyneside Cinema

Have you ever had that strange feeling of wondering about the lives and secrets of the people who have previously lived in your home? This UK premiere...more

Mike Figgis: Hotel

Tue 11 November 2003, 6.30pm

Tyneside Cinema

Down beneath the glamour of the great Hungaria Palace Hotel there are nightmare creatures stirring and an unsuspecting film crew led by Rhys Ifans are...more

Mike Figgis: Miss Julie

Sun 9 November 2003, 1.50pm

Tyneside Cinema

Using digital cameras to their very best advantage to get up close and personal with spontaneous performances by his actors, Mike Figgis produces an...more

Mike Figgis: Documentary Double Bill

Sat 15 November 2003, 6.30pm

Tyneside Cinema

Two rarely seen documentaries by Mike Figgis celebrating some of the art world’s most unique personalities including British fashion...more

Mike Figgis: Flamenco Women

Thu 13 November 2003, 7.15pm

Tyneside Cinema

Mike Figgis’ critically acclaimed Flamenco Women culminates in a stunning performance by a group of authentic Flamenco artists which he brought together...more