Sat 8 November 2003 – Sat 22 November 2003

The first pilot edition of AV Festival took place in 2003 across Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland and Middlesbrough. It included 29 screenings, 6 performances, 21 talks and workshops, and two new commissions.

Highlights included: live performances by The Cinematic Orchestra, Tina Frank and General Magic, screenings of Matthew Barney’s The Cremaster Cycle, and a Mike Figgis retrospective. Over fifteen-days it sold 6,395 tickets.

AV Festival 03 was created by the AV Partnership: Tyneside Cinema, Sunderland Council, Middlesbrough Council and Teesside University, in consultation with Jeff Cleverly.

Opening Night Gala: The Cinematic Orchestra

Sat 8 November 2003, 8pm

Former Odeon Cinema Site

AV Festival and The Sage Gateshead presented The Cinematic Orchestra’s Man with a Movie Camera live in the abandoned old Odeon...more

Matthew Barney: The Cremaster Cycle

Tue 18 – Thu 20 November 2003

Tyneside Cinema

Indescribable is an over-used word, but it is appropriate here as words are very inadequate to try to capture the overwhelming experience...more

Tina Frank and General Magic: Fuzzy Motion

Sun 16 November 2003, 6.30pm

Tyneside Cinema

Based in Austria, Tina Frank is one of the most exciting graphic artists working in Europe today. Taking early advantage of...more

Mike Figgis: Timecode Live

Sat 22 November 2003, 8pm

Former Odeon Cinema Site

This hugely inventive and enjoyable story of Hollywood folk making a movie is shot simultaneously on four digital cameras, and plays across four split...more

Various Artists: Celluloid Synaesthetics

Mon 10 - Tue 11 November 2003

Side Cinema / Kino Middlesbrough

Using abstract images to attempt to visualise or enhance sound...more

Various Artists: Film on the Edge of Technology

Sat 15 November 2003, 8pm

Side Cinema

Archive work by artists using film to explore the possibilities of emerging technologies. The focus is the work of Lillian Schwartz who...more

Richard Fenwick: RND#(NE)

Mon 17 November 2003, 8pm

Tyneside Cinema

Richard Fenwick is originally from Newcastle, a former graphic design student at Newcastle College and now one of the names to watch in music video and...more

Alexander Sokurov: Russian Ark

Sat 8 – Thu 13 November 2003

Tyneside Cinema / Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens

Russian Ark is a unique journey through time and Russian history. Filmed entirely in the Hermitage museum, Sokurov’s...more

Abbas Kiarostami: Ten

Mon 17 November 2003, 6pm

Digital Media Centre

Ten, the latest film by Iranian master filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami, focuses on ten conversations between a female driver in Tehran and the passengers in...more

Peter Greenaway: The Tulse Luper Suitcases

Sun 9 November 2003, 5.45pm

Tyneside Cinema

This was an exclusive festival cut of the first instalment of Peter Greenaway’s vast and ambitious project to tell the intriguing...more

Michael Gondry: Human Nature

Fri 14 – Wed 19 November 2003

Tyneside Cinema / Kino Middlesbrough

Written by Charlie Kaufmann of Being John Malkovich and Adaptation fame, this odd-ball comedy boasts a superb...more

Kazuhisa Takenouchi and Leiji Matsumoto: Interstella 5555

Sat 8 – Wed 13 November 2003

Tyneside Cinema / Kino Middlesbrough

Take Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo (Daft Punk) add their childhood...more

Yu Lik WaI: All Tomorrow's Parties

Thu 13 November 2003, 8.45pm

Tyneside Cinema

This brilliant new sci-fi from China is part-1984 and part-cinematic poem. Set in 2050, in a China ruled by a strange religious sect...more

Peter Chung: Animatrix

Wed 19 November 2003, 6pm

Digital Media Centre

Some of the world’s foremost animation directors and writers were gathered together to create nine stories in the Japanese anime style and set in the...more

Mike Figgis: Cold Creek Manor

Fri 21 November 2003, 8pm

Tyneside Cinema

Have you ever had that strange feeling of wondering about the lives and secrets of the people who have previously lived in your home? This UK premiere...more

Mike Figgis: Hotel

Tue 11 November 2003, 6.30pm

Tyneside Cinema

Down beneath the glamour of the great Hungaria Palace Hotel there are nightmare creatures stirring and an unsuspecting film crew led by Rhys Ifans are...more

Mike Figgis: Miss Julie

Sun 9 November 2003, 1.50pm

Tyneside Cinema

Using digital cameras to their very best advantage to get up close and personal with spontaneous performances by his actors, Mike Figgis produces an...more

Mike Figgis: Documentary Double Bill

Sat 15 November 2003, 6.30pm

Tyneside Cinema

Two rarely seen documentaries by Mike Figgis celebrating some of the art world’s most unique personalities including British fashion...more

Mike Figgis: Flamenco Women

Thu 13 November 2003, 7.15pm

Tyneside Cinema

Mike Figgis’ critically acclaimed Flamenco Women culminates in a stunning performance by a group of authentic Flamenco artists which he brought together...more 

onedotzero_ne: Wow + Flutter 03

Sat 8 – Wed 12 November 2003

Tyneside Cinema / Kino Middlesbrough

An eclectic compilation of experiments in motion graphics and animation drawn from...more

onedotzero_ne: Wavelength 03

Wed 12 – Sat 22 November 2003

Tyneside Cinema / Digital Media Centre

Graphic and digitally progressive music videos, unique promos from critically acclaimed directors, up and coming talent, director’s...more

onedotzero_ne: Extended Play 03

Mon 17 November 2003, 4pm

Tyneside Cinema

An international programme of critically acclaimed, digitally inflected short films and animations, which extend...more

onedotzero_ne: Shynola Retrospective

Wed 12 November 2003, 8.45pm

Tyneside Cinema

onedotzero_ne in association with AV Festival present a newly curated special programme of Shynola’s work. Shynola are...more

onedotzero_ne: Saint Etienne - Finisterre

Mon 10 November 2003, 7.30pm

Tyneside Cinema

London has been a central influence, inspiration and curiosity throughout Saint Etienne’s illustrious...more

onedotzero_ne: Girls on Film

Sat 16 – Wed 20 November 2003

Tyneside Cinema / Digital Media Centre

This programme celebrates the incredible female talents at work in the music video sector with award-winning promos from...more

onedotzero_ne: J-Star 03

Tue 11 – Thu 20 November 2003

Tyneside Cinema / Digital Media Centre

The freshest contemporary style from Japan’s finest moving image makers, showcased in a portfolio of ideas and innovations in...more

onedotzero_ne: Lens Flare 03

Sat 15 November 2003, 11am

Tyneside Cinema

The latest visual innovations for the world of computer games, including exclusive visuals from computer gaming with unreleased and contemporary intro...more

Micro Music Night

Wed 12 November 2003, 9pm

Side Cinema

Micromusic - low tech music for hi tech people. This was the first event organised by the UK north micromusic HQ with CineSide. Starring micro...more

The Light Surgeons: The Chimera Project

Sat 15 November 2003, 9pm

Middlesbrough Empire

World premiere and live performance of a new digital film that surveys the life, sounds and music of Middlesbrough...more

NAME: 2020

Fri 21 November 2003, 8pm

Newcastle Civic Centre

A spectacular evening of live audiovisual performance in Newcastle City Centre, free to attend and sited outdoors with video artists working alongside...more