On Liverpool. Guest blog by Cagney Gentry

One of the most accomplished and original Argentine artists working in contemporary Latin American cinema, Alonso combines fiction and... more

Stalker. Guest blog by Adam Hansen

Last Sunday night Andrei Tarkovsky's Stalker, played to a packed and very attentive audience at the Star and Shadow Cinema. Guest Festival... more

Radio Boredcast Presents... Guest blog by Vicki Bennett

Time is a curious thing - on one hand we complain about being so busy we just don’t know what to do with ourselves, and on the other hand weliterally don’t know... more

Lav Diaz: As Long As It Takes. Guest blog by George Clark

The work of Lav Diaz, more than other internationally celebrated filmmaker, is discussed more than seen. Already his filmography has a nearly legendary status... more

The Time is Out of Joint. Guest blog by Lauren Lucretia Elliott

Hauntology is embedded in the idea that there are a number of unrealised futures, deriving from past points in history, it makes us feels a nostalgia for a... more

Welcome to the Festival Blog

The blog presents features, articles, interviews and videos from across the Festival programme. You will find behind the scenes information and new ways to encounter, navigate and respond to the Festival... more

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