After the dust settles - Andrew Latimer considers West of the Tracks

AV Festival Blogger Andrew Latimer analyses the first film in our Wang Bing focus, West of the Tracks. "It’s a rare privilege to launch a... more

Great Response to AV Festival Opening Weekend

We had a fantastic turn out to our Festival Launch and Opening Weekend in Middlesbrough, Sunderland and Newcastle. Here are just some of the...more

A look ahead by Andrew Latimer

AV Festival Blogger Andrew Latimer looks forward to the films, performances and events encompassing the Festival theme, Extraction. "After its biennial break, AV Festival returns in... more

Introducing Extraction by Zara Worth

AV Festival Blogger Zara Worth previews AV Festival 14: Extraction "AV Festival extracts and exposes raw materials, considering them during deceptive... more

You can’t speed up a slow walk: The Festival Archive

Since Festivals are all about the temporary moment of connecting together artists, audiences and place, how do we construct an archive to capture this?...more

Attila Csihar: A Scrying. Guest Blog by Adam Potts

I knew very little about the mythological themes of Attila Csihar's A Scrying tower performance. Ritual, alchemy, transcendental... more

These buried ruins, now in dust forgot. Guest blog by Zainab Djavanroodi

The Romantic ruin, decline, decay and specters of the past and shadows of the future weave together the works of... more

Reading On Kawara's One Million Years. Guest blog by Maeve Blackman

There was no way I could have anticipated the emotions that overtook me in the hour and a half that I sat and read the list... more

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