Festival Director Rebecca Shatwell launches AV Festival 14: Extraction at Laing Art Gallery

Great Response to AV Festival Opening Weekend

We had a fantastic turn out to our Festival Launch and Opening Weekend in Middlesbrough, Sunderland and Newcastle. Here are just some of the repsonses we have seen.


"Had an outstanding weekend ‪@AVFestival ! Michael Snow la region, Akio Suzuki in 12C castle, Bruce McClure all in one day!"


"Great w/e in NE: fab @AVFestival launch, loved Bruce McClure noise/light ‪@balticmill then ‪#RTSAwards v proud to be on ‪@northernmedia board"


"Didn't know what to expect from my first ever live sound art experience but it blew my mind! Thanks @AVFestival ‪@balticmill"


"Returning from impressive opening weekend of @AVFestival - highlight Akio Suzuki yesterday; wrests so much from so little. A sage, a savant!"


"Eyes and ears scoured by Bruce McClure at ‪@balticmill. 3 strobes, 2 projectors, much noise. Headache subsiding for more @AVFestival tomorrow"

@ Animate ‏‪@AnimateProjects

"Just experienced a fantastic immersive Bruce McClure event @AVFestival great start to the festivities"


"Covering @AVFestival for ‪@an_artnews. Great previews last night + trips to ‪@NGCAsunderland, ‪@MiningInstitute + ‪@balticmill today! ‪#AV14"


"Just saw Michael Snow's La Region Centrale @AVFestival: the most meticulous, extravagant and mesmerising landscape film painting ever"


"All the staffs @AVFestival are nice and friendly. Took 4-hour train to Newcastle. Start with Akio Suzuki (A+++) now wait for Michael Snow."


"Gearing up for full day @AVFestival after openings around the toon last night - extracting myself from bed this morning was difficult ;-)"

"Caught the last hour of CRUDE OIL @AVFestival yesterday. Colour me piqued: definitely heading back in to absorb it in its entirety."


"@AVFestival Akio Suzuki made a great AV festival opening night ‪@globegallery awesome with his surprise performance Truly Extraction of sound"


"‪@axisweb ‪@AVFestival ‪@mimamodernart ‪@platfmagallery I'm on my way - excited!"