"Best Festival in Europe"

The above quote came from an anonymous audience member in the comments section of our questionnaire, and we've been so pleased with some of the other responses to the Festival, we wanted to share them with you.

About Richard Skelton and Elysian Quartet at Brinkburn Priory:

@AVFestival  @elysianquartet It was a majestic performance. Well worth the seven hours of travelling it took to attend!
setting off for Wang Bing's CRUDE OIL (‪@AVFestival; Stephenson Works, Newcastle). Seven hours of it: 10am-5pm. Same deal for Pt2 tomorrow...

Day two of Wang Bing's CRUDE OIL (‪@AVfestival Newcastle), the longest "film" i'll ever see. 9 hours down, 5 to go. I know the drill by now.

At the Stephenson Works, Newcastle, to catch (a bit of) Wang Bing's 14-hr epic. amazing cinema space ‪@AVFestival ‪pic.twitter.com/pgAL3g5U1I

Perfect collaboration of film maker and composer knowing their subject Stenger and Collings ‪@AVFestival screening ‪@tynesidecinema tonight

Amazing day with ‪@chrisrwatson at Embleton Bay ‪@AVFestival ‪pic.twitter.com/jfdk9yNWBt

MikeWinship Mar 15
Another excellent sound walk. Thank you chrisrwatson & ‪@AVFestival! ‪#AV14 (Photo taken moments before… ‪http://instagram.com/p/lkoBh9lfEX/ 


Loved the shows ‪@LaingArtGallery ‪http://www.avfestival.co.uk/blog/time-and-tide-zara-worth-on-susan-stenger-and-jessica-warboys … ‪@AVFestival

Great to see exhibitions from Akio Suzuki, Susan Stenger and Jessica Warboys as part of ‪@AVFestival today.

@AVFestival 3 brilliant volunteers ‪@globegallery today Passionate about art & great with public. Hope Nathan, Kristian & Ben come back soon.

Heard ‪@chrisrwatson's Dunstanburgh Diamonds last night; amazing exploration of landscape, sound, sense, memory, place ‪http://www.avfestival.co.uk/programme/2014/events-and-exhibitions/chris-watson-dunstanburgh-

Chris Watson's Dunstanburgh Diamonds ‪@AVFestival ‪@sage_gateshead last night - inspirational documentary ambisonics!

Fantastic performances by Rhodri Davies, John Butcher + Lee Patterson ‪@AVFestival  last night!

Had some good fun searching out oto date symbols throughout Newcastle and listening to the city. ‪@AVFestival

Never thought I'd use my dissertation for anything but there's much to be discussed on narrativisation and Enunciating in ‪#AV14 films.

Excellent postcolonial cinema weekend ‪@AVFestival

It's AV's independent film weekend at Star and Shadow cinema. First one starts in 10min. Excited! :) ‪@AVFestival ‪#boxoffice ‪#avfestival

Many thanks to all who've shared their responses to the Festival so far, and we look forward to hearing more from you in the lead up to Closing Weekend. @AVFestival