When two worlds collide: Wang Bing in and out of context

AV Festival blogger Andrew Latimer considers the fascinating paradoxes in this double bill screening of Wang Bing films; "AV Festival has become the envy of many arthouse... more

Striking response to Test Dept DS30

On Thursday we began our Closing Weekend event, Test Dept at Dunston Staiths, aka Test Dept DS30 and the response has been overwhelming, as audiences... more

"Best Festival in Europe"

The above quote came from an anonymous audience member in the comments section of our questionnaire, and we've been so pleased with some of the other responses to the Festival... more

On Sustaining Industry - Anna Molska's The Weavers

AV Festival Blogger Zara Worth visits The Mining Institute and finds parallels between North East England and the workers of Silesia, Poland; "Anna Molska’s... more


Time and Tide - Zara Worth on Susan Stenger and Jessica Warboys

AV Festival Blogger, Zara Worth visits Laing Art Gallery, "This year, as part of AV Festival, The Laing hosts two sensitive and elegiac... more

Sounds from the City, Sounds from the Sea: Journeys through the sonic-scapes of Akio Suzuki.

AV Festival Blogger Rebecca Travis heads out into the city to discover Akio Suzuki and his oto-date Newcastle, "With the word... more

Extracting Metal and Stone: Re-envisioning timeless matter

AV Festival Blogger Rachel McDermott reflects on time, history and culture in our two group exhibtions, 'The relationship between man and stone... more

A response to Stone - Zara Worth takes a look at AV Festival at NGCA

AV Festival Blogger Zara Worth heads to NGCA in Sunderland. 'AV Festival 14: Extraction presents two dynamic exhibitions at Northern Gallery for Contemporary ... more

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