<i>Tyneside Story</i>, film still, 1944. © North East Film Archive

Tyneside Story, film still, 1944. © North East Film Archive

Humphrey Jennings, The Silent Village, 1943. Courtesy BFI

Humphrey Jennings, The Silent Village, 1943. Courtesy BFI

Marc Karlin, A Dream from the Bath, 1985. Courtesy Marc Karlin Archive

Berwick Street Collective, Nightcleaners, 1975. Courtesy the artists and LUX, London

Pallavi Paul, Long Hair, Short Ideas, 2014. Courtesy the artist and Project 88, Mumbai

Haim Sokol, Testimony, 2015. Courtesy the artist

Madhusudhanan, The Marx Archive – Logic of Disappearance, 2014. Courtesy the artist

Dziga Vertov, Enthusiasm: Symphony of the Donbas, 1930. Courtesy Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Centre, Kyiv

Sergei Loznitsa, Revue, 2008. Courtesy New Wave Films

Marc Karlin, Utopias, 1989. Courtesy Marc Karlin Archive

Heorhii Shkliarevsky, Levels of Democracy, 1992. Courtesy Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Centre, Kyiv

Sergei Loznitsa, The Event, 2015. Courtesy Atoms & Void

Claire Fontaine, Untitled (Someone is getting rich.), 2012. Courtesy the artist

Roee Rosen, Buried Alive Group Videos: Historical Joke #3, 2013. Courtesy the artist

Dan Perjovschi, <i>Shenzhen</i>, 2015. Courtesy the artist

Dan Perjovschi, Shenghen, 2015. Courtesy the artist

Hugo Canoilas, Revolution is also happiness, 2008. Courtesy the artist

Naeem Mohaiemen, United Red Army (The Young Man Was…, Part 1), 2012. Courtesy the artist

Eric Baudelaire, The Anabasis of May and Fusako Shigenobu, Masao Adachi and 27 Years without Images, 2011. Courtesy the artist and LUX, London

Eric Baudelaire, The Ugly One, 2013. Courtesy the artist and LUX, London

George Orwell’s book The Road to Wigan Pier is the thematic framework for AV Festival 2016–2018. In 1936, Orwell spent two months living in the industrial North observing working-class life amidst growing social injustice, poverty and unemployment. The book is an analysis of English socialism, concluding that the basis of democratic socialism is equality and fairness. Mirroring the book's structure, AV Festival 2016 is Part One, with artists situating themselves in relation to historic political struggle.

Between Times: Marc Karlin Weekend

This special weekend presents 11 screenings of films by the British filmmaker Marc Karlin, described on his death in 1999 as Britain's most significant, unknown filmmaker. For three decades he... more

AV Festival Opening Weekend

The Festival opening weekend includes the UK premiere of three major international films alongside artists’ talks and performances. The Festival exhibition is also open from 12–6pm during the weekend. Following its... more

Festival Launch and Exhibition Preview

The Launch and Exhibition Preview of AV Festival 2016 takes place on Friday 26 February from 6pm–1am. Join us at The Mining Institute at 6pm for introductory speeches, information about the... more

Programme Launch: AV Festival 2016

AV Festival announces the full programme and theme for 2016. The curatorial framework of the Festival responds to George Orwell’s polemical book The Road to Wigan Pier. Eighty years ago in... more 

The full programme for AV Festival 2016 is online from Fri 8 January. The Festival launch takes place on Fri 26 February 6pm–1am across Newcastle and Gateshead. View the programme here.
Tickets are available here for the opening UK premiere performance of Buried Alive by Roee Rosen at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art. Tickets for all other events and screenings available soon!


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